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We love to live in an era when The Falconeer could be the release title for the Xbox Series X / S. This is a game I made alone-one person! -Standing alongside a blockbuster like Assassin’s Creed Valhara, it’s not irrelevant.

More than that, it’s shining. Check out the screenshots in this article. These are some of the most impressive images I’ve taken in any game. It’s a combination of simple elements that come together in a powerful way, before you take movement into account.The photo doesn’t tell you how it feels jump A giant hawk around a moody archipelago. They do not represent the tranquility of it, the peace and tranquility in the clouds, the wing tips that carve airflow as you glide over quietly.

But what I really like is how peculiar it is. The game has a magnificent undiluted vision. This is the kind that can only survive because it is hidden in one head. The committee would probably have shortened it, focused it, and sharpened it. And in some respects, Falconia will be stronger against it. But that wouldn’t be real. It’s no longer an intriguing personal statement, and you don’t feel like stepping into the hearts of others.

Taken in the game photo mode.
Taken in the game photo mode.

Let’s go back. Falconia is an aerial combat game that is a bit like the Panzer Dragoon. You fly giant hawks, shoot other enemies in the sky, sometimes into the sea, sometimes into the land. And everything you do revolves around that core.

But it’s not an arcade game. It’s not always an action. This is because most of the game flies around open maps and performs different missions to different settlements scattered around a world almost covered by the ocean. In each chapter, different settlements are called homes, followed by a new main story. However, you can also make a contract on your side to make money. Everything you need convenient Falconia, such as bounties, postal delivery, and basic defenses. And you can accept payments for your home or contracts from abroad.

In this way, Falconia expands its actions. An important part of its appeal is the moment between sections away from the tensions of combat, where it flies without problems. It is at this moment that the mood and individuality of the world sinks. It is at this moment that your heart wanders and wonders what it is for. I wonder what is causing it when I see a huge scar in the middle of the sea and a kind of trench water called Mo. You see strange stone monuments poking out of the sea and wonder what made them. You hear the myth and wonder why the game is telling it. You wonder why you hear a mysterious woman give you philosophical scolding every time you bring you back from death. And you start to question what you are asked to do.There is You are Bad guy?

This is a story in which the game tells slowly, directly and indirectly, through the world itself.what is Is it really happening here? That’s what makes Falconia more than just an aerial combat game. And I’m pretty sure this aspect of the game would have been chopped up by a larger team. There are several reasons for this.

Photo taken during flight, not in photo mode.

It takes too long to tell. Obviously, the makers feel they have an important story, so they spliced ​​it across several chapters. The problem is that the chapters don’t slide smoothly due to spikes of random difficulty. There is one first. I couldn’t clear it no matter what I did. I wasn’t finally successful until I left and broke the subcontract to make enough money to buy a new gun.

There were advantages to doing this. I was forced to learn more about the game to find a way to overcome my problems. I learned about mutagens that can be purchased to strengthen birds. I learned that I can buy stronger birds. I learned that there is a better gun. I searched for all the benefits I could find. And when I got over the challenge, I was very happy with myself.

However, there were drawbacks. It took a long time. All retries meant restarting the mission rather than simply retrying the failed bit from a convenient checkpoint nearby. It’s annoying and time consuming. It also takes time to perform the equivalent of a fetch quest, and the actual difficulty of the mission may not match the difficulty score you would expect if you agreed to it.

But the bigger problem is related to the battle itself. It’s rugged and lacks variety. Simply put, there isn’t much you can do. There is one attack. It’s a machine gun that weakens the enemy’s strength (you can grab a mine from the sea with a Talon and drop it on a ship, but you don’t really have to). You chase the enemies around you and point them at the putter-putter-putter’s dragging projectiles until they die and plunge into the ocean. You can mix barrel rolls and diving, maybe air breaks, but that’s it.

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By the way, it works smoothly on Xbox Series S. This video is a little older.

There is no equivalent missile. There is no thrill to follow your enemies for lock-on, so you can brilliantly blow them out of the sky. And, conversely, there is no excitement to throw yourself desperately to shake off the missile. Even more unfortunately, there are no falcon attacks. There is no way to savagely rush in Talon, as birds do. There is no way to thunder from above, smash unprotected enemies into pieces, and continue diving continuously. I might be better off fighting a giant pigeon. And if what I’m doing doesn’t work, there’s nothing I can do. Other than grinding.

Frankly, it was a really bad introduction to the game. The fighting wasn’t fun, it was frustrating, and the game didn’t give me any help or advice. And I didn’t care about the story because I hadn’t had a chance to do anything yet. The outlook for several more chapters scared me. I wanted to quit.

But when I got a new gun, it sounds trivial, but the game started. The battle was still one note, but at least now it’s a fun note. I did meaningful damage and was able to actually kill things. By the way, my number one tip for playing The Falconeer is “get a new gun”. And don’t stop until you get the best gun. It’s virtually Canon and I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying it right now. Oh, and fly north to the sark pit and buy a bird with lots of health and health regeneration. However, keep in mind that you must complete the racetrack within a certain amount of time to purchase the racetrack. It took me a while to resolve it.

It took me a while to solve a lot of things, but I’m still not sure if I’ve got everything right. And I’m still unaffected by the surge in difficulty, and they’re still really annoying. But they are the elbows and annoying parts of the game that wouldn’t be the same without them. Polish the flaws and polish the human race. Falconia is a remarkable achievement and a personal achievement.

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