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Blunderdome in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout blows like ice Season 3, decorate the hall with winter wonders. The whole world will be invited to “Winter Knockout” on December 15th to offer a band of festive mayhem, including seven new rounds, rich features, and fresh outfits that are the snow peak of Fall Guys fashion. But what about the most dedicated beans? Who really won the crown in search of slimy domination? We are pleased to be able to introduce the Crown Rank and Golden Costume exclusively. A whole new dimension of content for the Fall Guys royal family …

Do you have a crown?

Fall Guys Season 3 throws gauntlets at players whose thirst for victory can’t be frankly suppressed at Crown Rank! We have been seriously thinking about new ways to celebrate the most enthusiastic players. Something to keep track of these coveted crowns, share them, and ultimately make them more rewarding.

That is why we have created the Crown Rank. This is a brand new reward track that really pays homage to the players who have reached the top over and over again.

The more crowns you get, the higher your crown rank. And by doing so, the player unleashes a world of curious and highly desirable rewards, including exclusive colors and patterns, so as not to leave other players unquestioned in their commitment to the bean cause. But that’s not all …

Aiming for gold

As a special treat for enthusiastic crown getters, climbing the crown rank … reveals a golden costume! With the most prestigious addition ever to the Fall Guys trinket-filled wardrobe, great players can decorate the golden version of the iconic outfit.

Decorated with glittering gold, these glittering pieces transform the looks you know and love into something completely special. Have you ever seen a pure gold chicken fed up? Finally, there is technology.

Get ready for a winter knockout!

When Season 3 ends on December 15th, the whole team is very excited about the fresh snow stumbling blocks we have put together. In addition to the biggest haul of new rounds so far, many evil new obstacles, dozens of game-changing variations, and some of our most stylish (and to be honest, cute) costumes. You can also look forward to experiencing the date.

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Fall Guys Season 3 drops Crown Ranks and Golden Costumes to reward the most dedicated beans

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