Fall Guys Season 3 promises seven new levels and festive surprises

“No, I swear, the fish I caught was this big.” (Photo: Mediatonic)

Mediatonic has already teased what’s coming to Season 3 Fall Guys, revealing even a new, fairly cruel-looking level.

Fall Guys Season 3 has been confirmed to start tomorrow with a winter / Christmas theme, but many fans still don’t know about it.

New levels and costumes are expected, but developer Mediatonic keeps accurate details close to the chest.

But recently, Twitter has confirmed that Season 3 includes seven new levels and more than 30 new costumes, promising even more “festive surprises.”

We’ve also partnered with again to unveil one of the new levels, Tundra Run. It’s just an obstacle race, but it seems to be the most challenging course ever.

Short gameplay videos shared on show obstacles ranging from fans knocking you back to pinball-like flippers and platforms throwing you forward.

This is a well-designed course to test long-time players who already feel they have mastered the game in the last two seasons.

Mediatonic has announced an improved version of the Hexagon level on Twitter. This is now called Thin Ice and has only one layer of tiles instead of three, making the tiles slippery.

When it comes to festive surprises, everyone guesses what it is. Perhaps another big crossover costume like Godzilla?

Both Mediatonic and Bethesda are kidding Potential Doomguy costume, But it’s not perfect for the holiday season.

Fall Guys is available for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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Fall Guys Season 3 promises seven new levels and festive surprises

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