Fall Guys Season 3 teased with incredibly vague screenshots

There is no doubt that there is a new skin to unlock, but what kind? (Photo: Mediatonic)

Mediatonic has begun teasing the next season of Fall Guys with a new level of indistinguishable images.

Fall Guys Season 2 has only been running for over a month, but Mediatonic seems to be already working on content for the next season.

Recently, the official Twitter account has provided fans with a new level of sneak peaks created for Season 3.

Unfortunately, Sneak Peak said he didn’t reveal much about it. You can only make the corners of a cube and the underside of a circular one. Wheel, maybe? Or a long tube?

It doesn’t even show what the theme of Season 3 is. Season 2 levels and skins have medieval themes (castles, wizards, etc.), so Season 3 may also have its own aesthetic.

Perhaps there’s something Christmas-related right there given December? In particular, the October release of Season 2 was an ambiguous connection to Halloween (at least there was a witch).

Fans are doing this trolling at once, but jokingly replies that the image gave the whole level.

One fan asked about a previous tweet that mentioned a new way to reward the most competitive players and was told that whatever it was, it would be introduced as part of Season 3.

Fall Guys is currently available for PC and PlayStation 4.

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Fall Guys Season 3 teased with incredibly vague screenshot

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