Fall Guys Season 3 teased by a large Twitter jigsaw puzzle

Mediatonic has decided to release Fall Guys Season 3 in a whole new way. Instead of regular teaser press releases and videos, they got the help of 300 Twitter followers. Each of these tweeted a small section of the image, and the crazy fool is now trying to glue all the small pieces together to reveal the complete image. #JigSawus

This is what I’ve got on Twitter so far …

While at Discord, they have a clearer view …

Season 3 seems to have a winter theme, with a clear snowman character and large snowflakes. There is a lot of snow on the level floor and the brown fall guys appear to be slipping down, so it is possible that some ice levels have been obtained.

Fall Guys is currently available on the PlayStation Store and will be 20% off the list price until November 30th.

ICYMI, here are the details of the latest patch for the game.

  • New level-big fan!
  • A new variation of the entire game!
  • [PC] New name system!
  • Server region selector!
  • Featured Crown Costumes are now available in regular store rotations
  • Show Selector can now queue multiple shows at the same time
  • Improved stability when playing at parties!
  • New in-game language selection options
  • Reduced chances of medieval rounds, perfect matches and tail tags
  • Fixed: Going through Hex-A-Gone tiles
  • Fixed: Jump input lost, especially in jump confrontations
  • Fixed: Grab the crown at Fall Mountain and hang from it instead of winning
  • Fixed: Correct achievements may not be unlocked
  • Fix: Fall on a flat surface

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Source: twitter


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