Fall Guys vs.Among us with this ridiculous Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mod

Two of the biggest surprises of the year may not be trying to get rid of each other directly, but in this Star Wars Battlefront II mod, it’s all about the galactic struggle between Fall Guys and Amazon As. ..

This mod transforms a Rebel Alliance fighter with the colorful bean bodies of Fall Guys contestants. Meanwhile, the Imperial Army is all replaced by a stretched, frankly unpleasant model of Among Us. You can see the army waging war in the gameplay below. This works somehow despite the conflicting art styles.

This mod seems to have been commissioned by YouTuber Toasted Shoes (and developed by NoTengo Tortuga), who introduced the gameplay almost a month ago. The mod wasn’t public at the time, but it’s available from Nexus Mods. There are two separate downloads per team, and additional Fall Guys Hero Overhaul mods are required for these characters to work.

Even if you’re not interested in playing mods, you can still enjoy some of the art. Many character conversions are available on the mod page. This includes this treat, where General Grievous has no arms and shows only one long Among Us Spaceman’s body. What is it?

Empire among our military

Between Us and Fall Guys, we continue to perform well with a large number of players and new content being added to both titles on a regular basis. Fall Guys recently added a number of new skins, along with the bullying that Doomguy is about to head into the game.

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