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Prepare beans for party spectacular.Fall Guy: Ultimate Knockout Season 6 Drop November 30th, Bringing a festival-themed makeover to Blunderdome. The All-Star lineup has five new rounds. This is the wildest obstacle ever and a costume suitable for the Crown Carnival. We have partnered with the PlayStation to take you to the “behind the beans” of Pipe Dream, a fully tubular season 6 round. Stumble over the velvet rope and join the peak of pre-release.

Pipe Dreamin at the Fall Guy Festival

Pipe Dream focuses on a whole new obstacle in Season 6, the Vacuum Pipe. Each time the bean falls, it zooms in at full speed on twists and turns before entering a maze-like challenge. I can’t wait to experience this rapidly changing race to the finish line. But how did such a wild vehicle come about?

For the Fallguy season, the studio-wide team is flooded with ideas on how to achieve the new Blunderdome theme. As a designer, our level design concept session is my favorite part of this early process and creates space to bring our wildest possible round scheme to the table … It doesn’t matter how ridiculous it is.

The idea for vacuum pipes was originally born of junior designer Max Boyle (a permanent threat to Snowball Survival, Lily Reapers, the creators of Gate Crash, and the Fallguy community team on the live stream). We were particularly inspired by how some games utilize pipes to drop you from one “world” to another almost instantly. There are fall guys who bounce with water lilies, propel with flippers, throw with big etas … can vacuum pipes change the situation? And most importantly, is it fun?

What makes a fall guy round?

Our goal is to make every round a place where players can show off their fall guys. skill, But without sacrificing its typical fall guy chaos It creates a slapstick moment when the game is known. Like a seesaw, it’s all about balance.

This means that the discussion of the first concept goes through many development stages as it is embodied in a more detailed level of overview. From there, we took the round to the “block out” stage, building a pipe dream from scratch using basic shapes and getting the first feel of core gameplay. Internally, it goes through multiple iterations and playtests … which means to me seeing colleagues poking, producing, and generally breaking what was lovingly created. increase.

The round then headed to the art team and became one with the aesthetics of the new season. This means that for Party Spectacular, it will flourish with very vibrant colors and inflates. From there, it’s all about rigorous bug fixes and lots of playtesting (as the Board of Beans knows).

Creating the ultimate pipe dream

Pipe Dream was originally built as the final round (similar to Fall Mountain) and focused on choosing a vacuum pipe on the best route to the finish. The original ending also featured a trapeze swing to the crown – very dramatic.

However, playtesting has shown that the race element does not fit into the more logical task of choosing the best route. The rounds have been readjusted so players can focus on what we find most enjoyable. Jump on the pipe and see where the mystery takes you.

Also, during testing, some of Fall Guys’ behavior became a little more than that. strange After leaving the pipe, it leads to strange (but very hilarious) moments …

The team can’t wait to invite you to the Season 6 All Action Pipe Party. It’s especially satisfying to see Fallguy and other competitors whipping around the tube as the camera shifts. It’s different from what I’ve done so far. ..

Before jumping in on your own Two tips from me.

  • Unpredictable pipe – You might think you can figure out all the pipe paths … no!They change Every time I fall into a round – Practicing the potential of the mini arena at a very high speed provides better service than routing.
  • Move the distance – When the destination of the vacuum pipe is reached, it is discharged at high speed. You can dive in the air at just the right time. Gives a little extra distance that can make a difference in tight races.

Fall Guy Season 6 Round, Pipe Dream Exclusive Look

Fall Guy Season 6 – Prepare Beans for November 30th

Pipe Dream is just part of the festival’s fun coming to Fallguy Season 6 Party Spectacular. Dive from November 30th …

  • 5 dazzling rounds – Show off your stumbling skills on the new look of Blunderdome’s main stage
  • Outrageous new obstacles – Dodge water balloon cannons and navigate the ferocious 360 degrees.
  • Over 25 fresh outfits – The ultimate carnival tulle is waiting
  • 50 Layers of Fame Pass – Rich in praise and crowns, and even trained as a gin, get ready to be a ghost with two exclusive outfits optimized for stealth stumbling blocks.

We’re also looking forward to more limited-time events starting December 1st with Sackboy swinging to Blunderdome. We offer a Hessian challenge in exchange for exclusive costumes and other adorable rewards.

See you at Brander Dome!

Exclusive look at Fall Guys Season 6 Round, Pipe Dream

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