Fallout 76 Steel Dawn update drops early after patch locks Xbox player out of game

The illustration in the article titled iFallout 76 / is Steel Dawn Update drops early after the patch locks the Xbox player out of the game

image: Bethesda

surprise! Fallout 76of Big new steel dawn update, Bring the Brotherhood of Steel back to Appalachia, It has fallen a week earlier.that is Thanks in part to a patch that was accidentally released earlier than planned on Xbox and Windows 10 players, this In the end, they were locked out of the game.

Earlier today, some Twitter and Reddit players Report started Mysterious 13.92GB update, When I downloaded it, I told him that the game client is out of date and cannot be restarted Fallout 76.. It turned out that they had an early SteelDawn update, but it wasn’t scheduled to be released until December 1st, so I couldn’t play.

“We immediately started investigating how to get the Xbox player back into the game as soon as possible,” Bethesda announced this afternoon. On the game website.. “But in our discussion, everyone at Bethesda Game Studios felt that the best way to solve this was to release an update to everyone.”

As a result, the game server was all offline for maintenance. Approximately 6 hours of downtime is expected at 4 pm (Eastern Standard Time).If the game resumes late tonight (assuming nothing breaks), the player will be immersed in Steel DawnNew quest line and shelter system before Thanksgiving holidays.

“I would like to apologize to the Xbox player for the confusion caused by today’s issue, Fallout 76 The community is as excited as jumping into SteelDawn earlier than planned, “writes Bethesda.

This is one Fallout 76 Certainly a bug that has been resolved in the player’s favor.

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