Fallout 76 will soon flood players with more junk

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Fallout 76 Players are seeing a dramatic increase in junk capacity next month as the stash size increases by 50% with the new update.

Bethesda’s online post-apocalyptic Sim players spend most of their time cleaning the wreckage of the bombed Appalachia, seeking to build supplies, make materials, and sometimes powerful legendary equipment.As a result, people who have been playing for a long time are being attacked at one point or another. Fallout 76Limited storage space, hard caps for the total amount of extras that can be stored for storage. With the January update, that limit will be significantly increased.

“We are currently planning to increase the Stash limit by 50% to a maximum of £ 1,200,” Bethesda announced last Friday. Inside the Vault Post.. “That is, even if you stockpile weapons and armor, squirrel a lot of junk, or store a fully preserved pie, you still have much more space to continue collecting.”


image: Bethesda

This is a permanent request for Fallout 76 Players, and the third time Bethesda added storage to the game. When launched in late 2018, players were free to use only £ 400 of additional offsite inventory space.Bethesda a few months after the game was released Raised to 600, And one year later Raised to 800 again.. This latest increase is expected by the end of January, the largest increase to date, until the major expansion of Wastelanders in 2020 and the reduction in Battle Pass rewards for the next round of Season 3 Has plenty of room for collection. It will start tomorrow.

Bethesda outlined ACThere are many other quality of life improvements that will be coming to the game next year, such as a stack weight description that shows the total weight of an item bundle such as ammo, and a streamlined pipboy with some new streamlined menus. .. The New tab automatically displays everything you’ve collected since you logged on. Armor has its own tabs that make it easy to change equipment during combat, and food and drinks also have their own tabs to reduce. Players could only inject their own medicine by eating Radstag stew.

Meanwhile, from December 17th, a scorched holiday event will begin offering additional loot in-game.

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