Fallout 76’s 2021 roadmap includes new story content, daily operations, and more

Bethesda has released the Fallout 76 2021 Roadmap. This includes Brother of Steel content, changes to Private Worlds, 4-star Legendary weapons and armor, and more.

Fallout 76’s 2021 roadmap includes new story content, daily operations, and more

Fallout 76 The 2021 content roadmap was announced by Bethesda and will feature a variety of content this year. The next update will be released this spring with a quick way to respecify your character with a SPECIAL loadout and multiple CAMP configurations that players can conveniently switch between. The roadmap outlines what will happen in the rest of the year beyond spring to 2022.

In the summer, players can expect more Brotherhood of Steel content. The first update of Brotherhood of Steel was on the small side, but it introduced various branches of Brotherhood. Steel Reign is the next campaign to follow and will be the conclusion of the campaign. With the advent of the Legendary Module, players can create specific Legendary items instead of waiting to drop them.

According to the developers, Private Worlds will “evolve” in the fall, but it’s still unclear what this means. This tip is a change to the private server, the first option introduced by the subscription service FalloutFirst. There are also further extensions to the Daily Ops system.

Finally, in winter you’ll see the arrival of four-star legendary weapons and armor, and CAMP pets. Players have previously been able to use perks to acquire pets, but that is very unreliable, and pets will go missing or disappear. The roadmap also lists two events. One is “Invaders from Beyond” and the other is to help Point Pleasant cultists perform strange rituals.

Fallout 76 Currently available for Game Pass via PC, console, and cloud. This includes Wastelanders, Steel Dawn, and upcoming Steel Reign campaign content for free.

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