Fallout players are streaming all week to raise money for a children’s hospital

Over 300 Fallout streamers, content creators and fans gather to stream throughout the week to raise money for the children’s charity in St. Jude. They’ve been there for the last few days and have already raised over $ 20,000.

All efforts are under the Fallout for Hope banner, with players streaming PvP events, in-game karaoke, and live cooking shows. Bethesda people are also participating. Last night, Bethesda Vice President Pete Hines appeared for an apocalyptic version of the Trivia Show’s Hollywood Squares, and Fallout 76 Way Stranders lead designer Ferret Baudin is doing a lore dive late today. ..

One of the organizers behind the charity drive says the inspiration for the event came earlier this year after the community gathered around them in a difficult situation. “Earlier this year, DocCJ Martin, a prominent role player in the Fallout76 community, was injured in real life, his home was on fire, and his family was safe,” said one of the producers of the CHAD Fallout76 podcast. I am. “What started out as a modest GoFundMe was donated from a distance far from Japan and expanded globally. We decided to raise more than $ 12,000 for him in a week and a half. became.

“That peculiar and wonderful event has plagued me. It was a year we would probably remember how terrible it was at this year’s COVID-19 and everything else.

“I thought I could do it alone. What if we were together as one big global community of fallout streamers, content creators, community leaders and players to support all our goals? So FalloutFor Hope was born from that idea, so I thought maybe 20 or 30 people would be attending. Currently, I’m participating in more than 300 charity drives around the world. It’s amazing how this concept exploded. But it just shows how compassionate and interrelated this community is. “

Fallout for Hope has been ringing for another four days. If you want to donate, you can do it here. Event schedules can also be found on the organizer’s website.

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