Familia packs full-featured Pokemon clones into one tweet

If you spend half of the day sticking to Twitter, you’ll occasionally get used to taking two or three times. But I don’t think I stopped and shouted as much as I came across Familiars. This is a browser-based monster catch MMO that developer Loam managed to squeeze into video embedding, and to be honest, you can get started. Make online RPG a god without leaving Twitter.

Unfortunately, in this post, magic tricks don’t seem to work for embedding tweets. The embedding of tweets links to the official website of the game.But click Twitter is appropriate You can also play the game completely on Jack Dorsey’s Hellsite, whether you’re using an alternative Twitter client such as a browser, phone, or TweetDeck.

Familiars is more than a clever trick, it’s a fully functional pseudo-MMO with online bloody multiplayer with monster battles, character customization, and even PVP. Everything is done by clicking on the screen. This makes the movement a bit annoying (drag or click a quarter of the screen?), But the menu-style form allows the rest of the game to play pretty perfectly. Even without proper text chat, there is an option to give passers-by a little “howdy” and I think it’s beautiful.

Indeed, developers are aware that the ability to execute JavaScript files through Twitter’s video player can be a “major security hole,” as one answer says. Nuclear Throne modder YellowAfterlife Reply later This may not be the case given how the player works, but keep in mind that Twitter takes precedence over killing reproducible tweet embeddings.

That said, I think it’s pretty bloody cool that my chronic fate over political and video game discourse can be interrupted by a nice little monster. It’s expensive to see how Twitter reacts, but if that continues, I’d love to see more of these little games floating comfortably through social media ether. and again.

Isn’t that a good thing?

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Familiars packs a full-featured Pokemon clone into a single Tweet

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