Fan film in the world of cyberpunk rethinks cyberpunk 2077 in orcs

It doesn’t take long to push World Of Warcraft in the direction of cyberpunk. After all, Blizzard’s increasingly comic book plots are already taking us far beyond the simple struggle between orcs and humans, with time travel, alternative universes, and god-honest spacecraft. .. Now, the fan trailer is rethinking the game set in the harsh neon-scattered streets of Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City. However, it is a metropolitan version of dystopia cobbled with goblins and gnomes.

Created by machinima artist Duren, World Of Cyberpunk is a shot-by-shot remake of the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer with a high-fantasy steampunk nonsense styling of Blizzard’s giant MMORPG.

From jawless make-up artists to helicopter shootouts and conference room murders, every shot of cyberpunk’s first “appropriate” trailer gets a properly high fantasy analog. It’s a strange pleasure to see the streets of Night City, home to orcs, goblins and undead clubbers. There are several cameos in the name of the famous Warcraft, but the strangest of them should be Gen’s “King of the Wee Wolves”.

It’s also a well-made short. Great care has been taken to combine two very different visual languages, and scenes often use a more “mechanical” Gnomeregan or Kezan set to carefully transition to the distant Night City skyline. .. Before layering the models and animations taken from WoW itself using tools such as WoW Model Viewer, there is a great video on the author’s channel outlining the process of building a 3D set in Cinema 4D.

Keep an eye on it. You may nod to something painted on the walls of the city, such as Hearthstone or Overwatch. All that’s really missing is that the Warcraft version of Keanu Reeves has instructed him to have sexual intercourse and collect 15 Cyber ​​Wolf Hearts and more. Maybe next time, eh?

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This Warcraft fan-film recasts Cyberpunk 2077 with orcs and goblins

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