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Denver Broncos: A fan survival guide by rebuilding the team.

The word “R” is often an ugly word for most fans. John Elway had a hard time admitting that Denver Broncos was in ar… re… rebu…. Rebuilding.. Still, we’ve been here since the start of the 2018 season.

The· Denver Broncos He tried to regain the list of winners of the Super Bowl in 2016, but the playoff bids fell below the game.

From the beginning of the 2018 season, Elway started rebuilding the team without much remarks.

There are two ways to rebuild your team or organization. The first is a complete disassembly (see Jacksonville Jaguar).

The team destroys their leadership and sells all their valuable assets. The organization also liquidates salaries by letting serviceable players leave without doing anything to increase future spending.

This way, teams have the flexibility to change rosters quickly and significantly. However, it can hurt the fan base and does not guarantee that players will want to play there and make money.

Another way, team restructuring was designed to replenish the roster by exchanging old expensive talents for younger and cheaper talents, while providing competitive products in the field, much more. It is a slow and intentional effort.

This is currently the Broncos method and it’s easy to see if we’re looking for it.

As fans, both of these potential processes leave us hungry … we want a winner, and as JG Wentworth says, “we want it now.”

Our microwave-enabled society, unlike most other industries, is hitting sports. We are looking for a winner, and they need to stay that way for decades. This is Denver Broncos, the organization that has won most of the 40 years.

But that’s not the standard for most professional sports franchises. Broncos Country enjoys the other half of life.

In the last five years, it has forgotten the path of victory dating back to the mid-1970s.

So how can fans not only enjoy the sports and teams they love, but also survive by watching the reconstruction process, hoping to find the summit of fandom again?

The first step to survival is … acceptance.

As fans, we need to identify where Denver Broncos is, which is the team in the middle of a reconstruction. We all wanted this 2020 team to compete with the Kansas City Chiefs for a chance to win the Division and the Super Bowl, but that’s not where the team is.

We have to admit that the team is building something and has been inching that way since the Super Bowl victory following the 2015 season.

Broncos average age and NFL ranking at the start of each regular season
2020 – 25.6 (7)
2019 – 25.7 (11)
2017 – 26 (17)
2016 – 26 (16)

Broncos has one of the youngest rosters in the NFL and their attacks Include The youngest.

With that knowledge, you need to accept that the team is in the process of rebuilding and adjust your expectations accordingly.

Their progress is not linear. It will be difficult to see. Sometimes they surprise you (Carolina Panthers game) or confuse you (Buffalo Bills game).

This team has always been a way out of competition Bouncy ball..

But the team is on track.

Second step to provide rebuild … Know the process.

Team rebuilding is a step-by-step process and is coordinated in most industries in the same way.

The procedure is as follows …

Inventory your talent

Determine if the players and staff you have are suitable for your team / organization. It can be argued that without the owner, it may not be known if this is valued deep enough to reach the place where you want to be a fan base.

That said … we need to “accept” where we are. As fans, we need to play with the hands we are treated with until the entire process of ownership is carried out. For the time being, the team will be run by Elway football, probably by 2021. As fans know, he could be on the team for a long time, The argument he deserves..

Decide who needs to go

Again, Joe Ellis and Elway can argue that they need to go, but we’ve accepted where we are, so we’ve identified what’s going on and what’s next. Let’s do it.

Once you have an inventory of talents, decide who is right and when to move on. These decisions are cascaded over time. You can’t move on from everyone at once. The cost of salary caps and the budget of the entire team may not be prepared to eat money for players and staff who no longer contribute to the organization.

Following Vans Joseph’s second season in 2018, Elway has determined that Joseph is not the right person to develop his talent. Elway wanted teachers and staff to get the most out of the pick swarm that would be available in the 2019-2020 draft (along with the high draft picks Bradley Chub and Courtland Sutton).

In addition, Elway Go with support A department that adds staff to the analytics, scout, and professional HR departments.

In addition, players such as Aqib Talib, Demaryius Thomas, and Emmanuel Sanders were addressed early rather than later. The team gained value for them because those players didn’t fit the rebuild. Thiel has also moved from Bradley Lobby and Isaac Yiadom. Both are young and talented corners. This is because the team no longer fits what they expected in future defense.

Bring in the right talent

Over the past few years, Broncos has continued to bring in talent that is in line with the educational philosophy of its staff. Players such as Chubb, Sutton, Josey Jewell, Noah Fant, Dalton Risner, Drew Lock, Jerry Jeuy, KJ Hamler, Dre’Mont Jones, Bryce Callahan, Melvin Gordon and Mike Purcell are all young talents. Over the last two seasons to fit the team’s overall vision.

In addition, the team found that attack coordinator Pat Shurmur was better suited to attack the organization than 2019 coordinator Rich Scangarello. The team has yet to find a path to the attack, but the plan is in place.

Bring in the hope that the normality of our society will create an opportunity to gel this crime in the off-season of 2021. If so, we know that the product can be much better than it has been since 2014.

Work on leadership and attitude

Broncos did not always have the most mature locker rooms. It’s fun, but it’s not always built to stay cohesive. The team participated in the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

From robbing the chain to bad Halloween parity, the team didn’t show the leadership needed to handle the rebuild.

Broncos brought in coaching staff who were hoping for results. They not only teach the game, but also make the player accountable.Broncos will appear in the field 6th least penalty This season’s team, how will the team respond individually?

Broncos drafted a leader to create a more mature and cohesive locker room. Improving leadership helps facilitate learning, as players and coaches are great and want to do the work they need.

This team continues to make progress and is a place where you can expect a young team. They showed a flash of teams they could be while struggling to find consistency. However, there was no fracture in the locker room or evidence that the team mailed during the season. This is a classic example of having the right mindset. This should give us hope to stick to it while we survive the reconstruction.


Teams and fans need to understand where they are, and leadership must be transparent to players about who is here over the long term.

The 2020 season provided data on where the team was and what they needed to compete.

First and foremost, better quarterback play. Drew Lock has made progress in the past few weeks, but has not yet solidified its position as Broncos’ long-term answer in quarterbacks.

The team must be honest with him about their plans and honest with their fan base about what they see in him.

In addition, the team must be honest about the future of important works such as Shelby Harris, Justin Simmons and Von Miller. All of these players have a suspicious future and could be a piece to turn this team around.

Gives young players a more prominent role.

The team continues to provide young players such as Rock, Judy, Hamler and Michael Oh Jae-moo with an extensive look to see how they handle more challenging roles.

This helps young players to contribute in the future. Or, provide your organization with data about how far a player must go before they can actually contribute. It can be honest to say that there is a play of encouragement from the core of the team and we know that it will help us survive during the rebuilding.

Then the team …

Train / coach players and teams to reach the vision of the organization

The team is staffed with assets and teachers for an overall mission. The winning team has an extraordinary vision and each player understands his role in helping the team reach their goals.

For maximum success, the team needed to be rebuilt, and we tap in the middle of it.

This staff is made up of coaches such as Fangio, Schulmer, Mike Shula, Mike Manchak and Bill Coller. Teachers are stationed and know that it should help survive this reconstruction.

So what’s left?

Once Broncos has completed each of the previous steps, he will have to attack this off-season and attack in different ways.

First, identify the player that fits your strategy. Elway needs to continue to acquire players through trading on value contracts (low risk / high pay) such as Jurrell Casey and AJ Bouye. If those players fit (leadership) and hit, the team is really good. Or, if they make a mistake, they can cut the bait with little harm.

Then identify your plan in the quarterback. Is Rock the 2021 guy or not him?

Locke was inconsistent, but if the organization believes in him, they need to keep investing in him. We’ve seen what happens when an organization is patient with a player who believes: Buffalo Joshua Ren Or Las Vegas Derek Car. Both are examples of organizations being patient and players rewarding them with great play.

Like rock, the progress of each of those players was not meteor. Their progress was not linear. Locke recently showed a similar step that might lead the team to invest in him longer.

If Broncos doesn’t think he’s the answer and is confident in the data, he needs to be proactive in finding the “man.”team Quarterbacks cannot be drafted to do so. There are too many examples of teams reaching quarterbacks and not being men (Paxton Lynch, Christan Ponder, Jake Locker, etc.).

Finally, the team needs to continue building for tomorrow, not just today. Regardless of the need, a team that regularly drafts talented people will be in a much better position in future detailed salary cap management.

It’s okay to feel frustrated and seek results. You can question the process or oppose the plan.

But hopefully, by accepting where this team is and looking in the direction they are heading, we can survive the restructuring of the organization.

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Fan Survival Guide by Rebuilding the Team Fan Survival Guide by Rebuilding the Team

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