Fans are not happy with the OG experimental draft

The OG was knocked out of ESL One Germany 2020 last weekend after losing to Alliance 2-0 on the Lower Bracket R1. As the OG was removed early from the tournament, many fans of the Dota 2 community used social media to question the unusual draft of the exclusion series. The OG chose MidOne and Topson’s off-meta and unorthodox heroes, with many shades and screams from many fans.

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OG style? Or a sign of overconfidence?

The OG produced solid group stage results and reached the playoffs in three out of four series wins. Even on the group stage, OG’s only defeat occurred against the Alliance, the team the TI 8-9 champion has recently fought. In the playoffs, the OG was eliminated after losing twice in a row (to Na’Vi and Alliance). The exclusion series shows that the OG lost to the Alliance four times in a row, and this was done in a fairly dominant way.

In Game 1, OG got a Mid One Elder Titan carry. This was punished by the Alliance for dominating the game to win the map. From Game 1, it was clear that it would be difficult to carry out Elder Titan’s carry strategy, but OG added Position 4’s Emverse Spirit and Topson’s Skylas Mage in the midlane, so it was in the second game. Forgive me. This time, the OG managed to come out on top of the early team fights, but they clearly lacked Roshan’s killing and tower push capabilities. In the end, the Alliance defeated the OG and even won the series.

After the defeat, OG fans went to Reddit to express their frustration with OG’s “arrogance.”

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The OG hasn’t been able to win the tournament lately. One of the reasons was the indomitable performance of Team Secret, but nonetheless, many leagues failed to reach the Grand Finals. According to users, OGs live in places where they have earned TI in the past, which is ruining their thinking. He said this, referring to N0tail’s pre-match interview before the OG lost to the Alliance, and the Alliance looked confident that if TI were to take place next week, the OG would easily crush it.

The relevant segment begins at 4:21:19 in the video below.

The user also commented on the Reddit post: “TI’s winning team doesn’t stay in good shape forever. Ask Na’vi or Alliance fans.”

Other Reddit threads have also criticized OG’s desire to stick to the already badly lost draft.

However, some fans also said they would agree with the two TI champions, emphasizing the fact that the OG was a team that constantly created theories and submitted surprisingly strange drafts. These drafts alone allowed the OG to be the first team to lift the Aegis Of Champions.

Alliance coach and TI3 ​​winner Jonathan “Loda” Berg also supported the OG when he tweeted about the same thing.

OG has been experimenting with many new drafts lately, but not all are fully functional. This Alliance defeat could be a failed attempt to find something that would break the game by OG like TI9IO Carry Discovery.

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For now, some OG fans aren’t happy with the current situation, but we can certainly expect them to come back and show off what’s famous: we The most interesting but effective Dota 2 I’ve seen.

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