Fans discover Natalie’s weird video in “Mystery Forest”

90th Fiance Natalie Moldovzewa confused fans with the latest weird YouTube upload asking if they “believe in magic”.

Tension is rising 90 days fianceThe couple who came back Mike Youngquist and Natalie Moldovzewa This season. Their last season was about to say goodbye to Natalie and Mike confessing they didn’t love him, but season 8 rumors suggest another end. And it looks like the marriage may have turned Natalie into a weird woman with content uploaded to social media.Some research 90 days fiance Fans came across a video of Mike’s Ukrainian lover Natalie walking around with a “” in a strange video.Mystery forest.

35-year-old Mike and Natalie met when they became the father of their best friend’s baby. Mike, who lives in Sequim, Washington, proposed to Natalie in Kiev during his romantic vacation to Paris, but their relationship soon broke with religious differences and accusations of cheating.But from what 90 days fianceSeason 8 trailer Things may not be able to navigate smoothly as Mike and Natalie drag themselves into the altar. Not only did Natalie rub the TLC viewers the wrong way last season, but this time he threw Uncle Bojungle out of the farmhouse, constantly biting the cold and making it worse.together 90 days fianceNatalie “French toast”unhealthy“Or a Ukrainian woman gathered a lot of critics, wanting to go chasing the waterfall with a pretty elaborate Mike. However, there are reports that Mike and she are already married, and she seems to make the most of life in a small town by indulging in some content creation.New video uploaded to 90 days fianceNatalie’s YouTube Attracted some confused eyes.

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But 90 days fiance The star thought Mike’s house seemed to come out of the movie directly – a horror movie – her YouTube The video also scares her fans a bit. Natalie told YouTube subscribers in a video posted on December 11th, shortly after the Season 8 premiere.Believe in magic, “And share their story. Dressed in a silky blue gown with a bright red shawl over her shoulder, Natalie speaks in a echoing voice as her characteristic blonde ringlet emerges from the lake. “”I believe in the magic of nature and energy.Everything has a reason, ” 90 days fianceNatalie talks when she returns Dark music is playing in the background towards the lake.

A Reddit The first post about this video 90 days fiance Star, caption joke, “Natalie shows the magical power of deep hypnosis. Warning: Don’t look into her eyes!In the comments to the thread, “SEVENTEEN DAYS AGO ????????? I … this must be some ancient video so embarrassing because we dug it up … no she now i Posting dead ajdgsks“another 90 days fiance Ask from true curiosity.Is this … real??? Fans add how they get in the way and feel a lot.Used embarrassmentFor Natalie. ” “”I really hope this is a weird parody account, ”I want to confess the TLC viewer and make it look and sound, not Natalie.Exactly the same as her.

The first thing he revealed was Mike 90 days fiance Introducing Season 7 about Natalie she was working on modeling. Perhaps this video is part of Natalie’s currently uploading audition reel.Or maybe Natalie really wants to know if she is her 90 days fiance Fans believe in magic.After all, considering everything Ups and downs of Mike and Natalie Will pass and face further 90 days fiance, They eventually get married and make a noise.Magic.. “

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90 days fiance It will air on TLC on Monday at 8 pm EST.

Source: Natalie Mordovtseva /YouTube, Reddit

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Fans discover Natalie’s weird video in “Mystery Forest”

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