Fans’ favorite features return to Crusader Kings III with a free update

What a hell!

My name is Troy Pruitt and I’m a community manager. Crusader Kings III..I’m in charge of daily communication, processing social media posts and plans, streaming and video content Crusader Kings III And I’m here to discuss the latest update to the title, Ruler Designer.

This update, labeled 1.2, is primarily about Ruler Designer features, but there are some other interesting improvements. Ruler Designer is a way to completely immerse yourself in the game by creating custom characters to your specifications and leading people to greater glory.

One of the most beloved features in Crusader Kings III It is a character portrait system. 3D models of all game characters reflect their personality and health in amazing life details and change as they acquire new traits and new illnesses.

Fans loved ruler designers Crusader Kings II, So we brought it home Crusader Kings III.. Players can now create rulers before the game begins and try whatever they want, whether it’s a genius scholar, a dwarf planner, or a giant Romantic. There are almost no restrictions on the types of rulers you can design.

  • Select the starting area of ​​the ruler and then dive into the designer.
  • Play as a man or woman, regardless of in-game culture, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • Customize the look, including the look and hairstyle of your face.
  • Add traits and tweak your skills. Create a good strategist or holy manager.
  • Add illness or injury for additional challenges.
  • You can earn achievements if your character is built within certain limits.

The Ruler Designer update comes with a general game update that adds some other minor features.

  • Kill list It tracks executions, combat killings, and (known) murders by characters in the game.
  • UI improvements To the view of the dynasty.
  • Military improvement Allows you to attach troops to your flagship and prevent you from raising taxes in the state beyond its supply limits.
  • Siberian pagan Added to the game as a new belief.
  • Ugly character It now has more exaggerated facial features.
  • Change rules and options. Nude is now a game setting, not a rule. Rule sets can now be configured to influence the frequency of AI matrilineal marriages.

We hope you will be as inspired as you start to create your own monarch.Share your favorite designs on social @CrusaderKings and continue to enjoy Crusader Kings III Now available with Xbox Game Pass for PC!

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Crusader Kings III is the latest version of the Grand Strategy game, beloved in Paradox Development Studios, which plays medieval conquests and court plots. Lead one of the hundreds of aristocrats or royal families throughout the Middle Ages while gaining power and fame across generations. Will you be a wise and devout king, or a violent Conspiracy Duchess? Perhaps a caliph learned or a gentle warchief. Make sure you have an heir to inherit the family heritage and guide your character through a life of excitement, building an empire whose glory resonates throughout history. A map that extends from Iceland to India and from the Arctic Circle to Central Africa. Leads a historic dynasty for centuries. Collect new lands and titles to solidify your heritage. Knights, peasant rebellions, pilgrimages, Viking assailants … Experience medieval dramas and pageants. Stay true to your religion, accept heretics, or begin your own faith in the wreckage of a failed belief system. Character Development Adopt one of five different lifestyles to hone your military strategy and kingdom management skills. Personality traits guide your behavior and influence your outcomes. Characters that act against their personality can be stressed and cause new troubles. Raise heirs to be good successors, train yourself, or give them as a ward to trusted friends and allies. Worthless heirs are dangerous unless you can find a way to get rid of them legally or otherwise. Choose to use horror as a weapon, using your terrifying reputation to intimidate your vassals and family. Wage War Pro supplement royal tax collection with professional pawns, cavalry, siege engines, and exotic regional units. Research new technologies to increase the wealth and military power of your territory. Hire mercenaries and sacred orders for your major war. Plan Conspiracy Spy your court to discover plans that go against your dynasty and your rule. Find a companion in the court of the rival you are planning. Seduce other characters for love and political power. Agree with your subject as they borrow your loyalty or uphold your plot against your enemies.

Fan-Favorite Feature Returns to Crusader Kings III in Free Update

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