Fans love it when the comic movie matches the original

When studios like Marvel, DC, or Sony adapt their love comic book titles to the big screen, they span decades of story needs and open-end stories that take place on hundreds of issues. , Can’t fit reasonably in a 3-hour movie. As such, fans tend to understand that they need to give freedom to the characters and stories, but when filmmakers try to get it right, they really appreciate it.

Twitter user @HailEternal has become viral to Twitter in a thread of appreciation comparing the source visuals of a comic book with a movie that goes one step further to match the movie scene with the artwork to which it was adapted. ..

They responded to themselves with their favorite example:

“Efra” really liked the work Zack Snyder did in his film, Security guard.. Although warned, Twitter has flagged this as “potentially sensitive.” It can be assured that it is neither dirty nor particularly violent.

“Azure” actually needed to emphasize @HailEternal second Spiderman shout out:

During that time, I couldn’t get enough “Scott f929” Eon Flux‘A groundbreaking acrobatic pose.in the meantime flux Actually, it was not a manga, but a live-action version of an anime series. Allow.

And this person had to scream at Taika Waititi to nail the iconic cartoon frame:

And Waititi was set to release his next Marvel movie, Thor: Love and Thunder Expect more fan reactions this summer. And there is no doubt that WeGotThisCovered will cover them all.

Fans love it when the comic movie matches the original

https://wegotthiscovered.com/news/fans-love-it-when-comic-book-movies-match-visuals-to-the-source-material-like-this/ Fans love it when the comic movie matches the original

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