Fans’ reaction to Cyberpunk 2077 is completely divided

Fans have been waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 for almost a decade, and that time creates expectations. Now that the game has been released in some way for a few days, fans have the opportunity to get to know Night City in their own words, and their overall opinion covers the range from ecstatic bliss to total disappointment. This painstaking discourse has taken over a fan community like the game’s subreddit, and the debate continues unabated.

Many fans have pointed out the disastrous performance of Cyberpunk on the PS4 and Xbox One as a particular pain point. Some have even blamed CD Projekt Red for misleading advertising and other malicious behavior. In a very positive thread, Reddit user “ldillon7777” posted a PS4 trailer for the game released in November, and “Gameplay Trailer” gives the game a vision with both stable frame rates and striking visual effects. I’ve pointed out that it’s not representative of the final generation version of the game.

“Anyone who has played the PS4 version will clearly see that this trailer has not been recorded on the PS4 or final generation consoles,” the user writes. “With this marketing, the PS4 version looks just like the PC version. It’s completely misleading and doesn’t represent the PS4 version being advertised.”

“You see a huge box and after a few seconds it becomes a car,” another PS4 player wrote in a popular thread. “I’m too disappointed to get through. Don’t even compare it to The Witcher 3.”

Another top thread documents the number of promised features that the final product lacks, from the inability to adjust certain aspects of the character’s appearance beyond the default settings, to the lack of aim toggle options. I am aiming for it. Many are common quality of life complaints shared in other games, but there are rarely specific ones, such as the fact that a character cannot smoke.

It’s not uncommon for fans to complain about the mundane aspects of a game that attracts attention, or to blame developers for “downgrading” the final game compared to promotional materials such as pre-release trailers. The most notorious example of this type of claim is the Spider-Man puddle blunder. Fans accused developer Insomniac of “downgrading” the amount of puddle in one of the gaming environments. (Cyberpunk developer CD Projekt Red previously dealt with a similar “controversy” over the trailer for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.)

Such complaints generally ignore the annoying reality of game development. Not all features are compatible with the first prototype, and scaling the game to work well with consumer hardware such as final-generation consoles often results in some form of compromise. However, given the fact that sources like Digital Foundry have concluded that cyberpunk performance is “unacceptable” on the latest generation consoles, and that even open-world gaming standards are rarely buggy. Some of these fan complaints go beyond the usual noise associated with most big game releases.

This criticism extends beyond the game’s volatile performance and well-documented bugs, with some fans targeting subtle aspects of game design. In another very positive thread, Reddit users blamed the game’s driving AI and called it non-existent. “There is no AI to drive during the period,” the user writes. “That’s why I’ve never participated in a car chase in an open world, not a mission. That’s why AI stops behind you forever when parked in the middle of the road. That’s why people peel. No reason. If you pull a gun in the car, you will panic. The only driving “AI” in the game is the prescribed path that the car will follow. “

On the other hand, there are some very positive threads from users who say they really enjoy the game, one of which calls the complainer “a minority of complainers coming to the internet”. is. Humorously, there were a lot of threads titled “Am I the only one enjoying the game?” The user started posting satirical threads with similar titles, leading to even more backlash.

Other users are accepting serious complaints from fellow fans as an opportunity for memes and jokes. The most popular post on Friday’s forum is that users complain about “deficiencies” in the game. The manhole cover depicted in cyberpunk is for street use as it only supports a maximum weight of 12.5 metric tons in real life. Appropriate top reply to that thread: “This is why people are going through the world.”

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