Fans return to the long-awaited Soul Calibur VI

Swordsman fans have emerged as the final DLC character in a weapon-heavy fighting game. Soul Calibur VI On Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Not only will you be a rejuvenated fan, but you’ll also get the final character creation set packed with amazing customizations.

As the last planned playable DLC character for eight, impeccable Korean swordsman fans bring nostalgia to Soul Calibur VI. You may know him from the original Soul Edge, or his latest appearance at Soul Calibur III in 2005. Whether or not he recognizes his fans is controversial as he has undergone a makeover and looks much darker these days. Especially considering the new vitality technology he has. Still, be prepared to control a fast, agile and accurate fighter that will stylishly defeat your enemies with a combination of kick and swirling sword attacks.

There is also a new batch of customized items currently available in the form of Character Creation Set F. There are a total of 45 different options, including 13 Tekken crossover items associated with Paul Phoenix, King, Linshaoyu and more. .. In addition, you can expect a lot of returned items that are familiar to those who delve into SOULCALIBUR: Lost Swords.

Both DLCs are included Season pass 2 For £ 26.99 with the other three characters and a character creation set. Or, apart from the selected digital store fan With a cost of £ 4.99 Character creation set F The price is £ 3.29. Please leave a comment below and let us know if you would like to purchase one of these new additions to SOULCALIBUR VI.

Fan description:

Purchasing this add-on unlocks fans as playable characters in the main game of Soul Calibur VI, as well as unlocking the exclusive story of Soul Chronicle fans. Fans of the secret royal cutlery join the battle and conclude Season Pass 2 with its first appearance since Soul Calibur III! Defeat the evil servants with the fan’s patented sword technique, nimble kicks, and powerful new “life force techniques”! DLC Content: – Fans as Playable Characters – Additional Stories for Fans of “STORY: Soul Chronicle” – Additional Items Used to Create Characters (11 Total) – Additional Weapons (7 Total) – Additional Titles (4 Total) ) – Additional battle comments (2 total)

Character Creation Set F Description:

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of SOULCALIBUR with a whole new character creation set! – Introducing DLC ​​– Additional Items Used to Create Characters (45 total) These items include: – Tekken 7 Crossover Items (13 total) – Items brought back from Soul Caliber: Lost Sword (12 total) – Additional / Special Items (6 total) – Other Character Creation Items (12 total) – Custom Men and Women Character new voice (1 each)

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Hwang makes his long-awaited return to SOULCALIBUR VI

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