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Manchester United fans have responded to the verbal war between coach Ralf Rangnick and the forward. Anthony Martial..

Marshall has been absent from the matchday team for some time and he Agent announced in early December He wanted to leave the club in January to earn more match time.

The situation seemed worse when the deal wasn’t approaching, after a 2-2 draw at Aston Villa yesterday. Rangnick insisted Marshall refused to join the matchday team.

The comment triggered an Instagram response from the French late last night, and he said,’I never refuse to play for Manchester United.

“I’ve been here for seven years and I don’t look down on or look down on clubs and fans.”

Rangnick’s public discussions on personal issues with players are becoming more regular.He also at a press conference before the match Was criticized Marcus Rashford, The player says “there is room for improvement”.

Fans are divided by their reaction to martial arts leggings. Some believe it is correct to believe in Ralph and give him a 26-year-old name and shame, while others believe in Marshall or should have been treated in a closed room.

Some of the people who support the manager said:

“So I lied about Marshall being hurt, and now RR lied about Marshall’s refusal to travel? Until evidence was presented, I was on my side with RR. I think I’ll stick. “

“I can’t see Ralph lying down. I think Marshall Jus is trying to keep the heat down.”

‘[Would] Does United’s “manager” speak in front of the press on the camera and lie blatantly about a player looking for a move that obviously doesn’t want to be on the bench? Don’t buy it, martial arts cover his truck here.

“Marshall was badly exposed to Rangnick, and now he’s trying to reduce the damage. If that’s not true, Rangnick will never make such a statement publicly.”

“It’s hard to believe a football player these days … it’s all PR. Marshall doesn’t look like he’s 100% committed. I may be wrong, but he and Pogba Looks like a mercenary to me.

“Well, who should I believe in? [A] A man who walked around the pitch for two years and revealed that he wanted to leave? Or is it a new manager trying to regain some order in this unruly team? “

“Call them one by one, keep them happy and protect them .. At the end of the day they are all average.”

Some of the people who disagreed with the manager’s comments said:

“Would you like the players to be quiet and watch the manager tell the media that they don’t want to join the team on the day of the match? Now, Marshall has been in the club for seven years. The manager made a mistake. I did. “

“Why is Rangnick disturbing our boy this way? It’s a toxic guy and doesn’t look good to players and clubs.”

“Why does he need to explain himself? He … wants to leave because he hasn’t been played, but why does he refuse to play? That doesn’t make sense.”

“Ralph can’t even stabilize the ship he’s appointed … One doesn’t want to give other players a chance.”

“German nerds need to hold it.”

“We will actually have to dismiss the interim manager …”

In any case, as far as the French depart in January, the war of words certainly raised Ante. Or, as one fan said,’What Martinal did is wise. It’s already well known that he wants to leave, but it seems unlikely.

“Marshall is well aware that creating this tension makes him more likely to leave in January.”

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Fans split about Ralf Rangnick’s war of words with Anthony Martial-Manchester United news and transfer news Fans split about Ralf Rangnick’s war of words with Anthony Martial-Manchester United news and transfer news

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