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Happy Steelers Friday, Ravens Fans! Yesterday’s injury report revealed some surprising absences, so this season seems destined to have no regular week.

Odafe Oweh suffers a shoulder injury and seems to be sick on the Ravens secondary. Nick Boyle’s absence has already been addressed by John Harbaugh – he’s not 100% yet – but this crime requires Patrick Ricard. In a gritty Ravens-Steelers match, a 300-pound full-back / lineman extraordinary player is on the field to defend Lamar Jackson and level the Steelers defenders.

I want to go back to 2019 for all the injuries. I rarely wondered if Ravens would win. So this is the 2019 speech from the legendary Ravens Ed Reed about the implications of this Ravens-Steelers rivalry.

But there are some good news related to injuries!

Curry Campbell is back in practice. This shows that he can play in the match on Sunday.Remember to keep the Browns down to 40 yards Without it Campbell; Adding him improves this defense.

Everyone knows that Pro Football Focus’s performance can be questionable – They seem to look down on Patrick Queen – It is still impressive that Campbell has consistently received such high marks.

Our fans have seen his contribution in every game, but it doesn’t always show up in the statistics sheet. However, PFF’s evaluation process acknowledges all the little things Campbell does, such as eating a double team to stop running and moving three different aggressive linemen to pave the way for a bag. ..

If Ravens is happy with the chance to defeat the Steelers, he won’t release the Devin Duvernay as Devo Samuel play that Greg Roman suggested yesterday.

But still, Ravens fans can’t stop desperately wanting to see juice from runners other than Jackson this season.

Lacie DeCosta has announced her Jersey Pick of the Week. Nick Boyle with a tight end.

“This player quietly contributes to the attack and feels his absence when not on the field. He is humble but heroic. He certainly missed,” she wrote earlier this week. I don’t expect Boyle to return to the fully self-driving car of last season soon, but I hope he will continue to play positively and have his first reception of the season on Sunday as well.

Finally, another regular segment I would like to bring to these Friday articles: This Week’s Outlook! The two guys who look perfect for Ravens are:

Ojabo will probably work well before Ravens chooses in the first round-he was ridiculed by the athletic Dablegler and was recently ridiculed by the Browns at 15:00-but even if he fell to Baltimore, they Don’t be surprised if you do your best, the player is still on the board. He has the size to be an internal and external rusher when passing down, and has the speed and awareness to maintain coverage. Sounds like a Baltimore linebacker to me!

Michael Maietti is a small center in Missouri that makes the most of the fifth season. For me, having a lot of snaps means two things. First, he needs a rigorous medical evaluation to make sure his body withstands the NFL in both his size and all the damage. But second, he knows how to play the center (and one of the guard spots), so he should be able to consistently snap the ball that was a problem for Ravens in the past.

That’s all for today! Enjoy the weekend. Be sure to take root on Sundays. Ravens is in Pittsburgh, but you can hear us from our house.

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Fans want Roman to break the “Vault” Fans want Roman to break the “Vault”

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