Fantastic Four’s most eerie villain is Marvel’s Dark New Hero

Powerpack considers the heroic Agent Aude to be a mentor, but his identity is one of Fantastic Four’s most eerie villains.

Warning: Contains spoilers Power pack # 2!

The· Fantastic four Adventurers, inventors, and heroes, they tend to give them a fairly unique villain choice.From Annihilus, the despot of the Negative Zone Galactus The World EaterMany of FF’s enemies are in a different world, but their most eerie enemies are family-obsessed human inventors … and he’s also Marvel’s latest hero. The evil genius, Dr. Bentley Whitman, also known as Wizard, is now working on a trick to deceive a young hero known as Agent Aude. Power packHowever, while Wizard’s plans are already pretty sneaky in the story so far, looking back at the context of who he was, Marvel’s latest “hero” is even more creepy than the reader thinks. More than ever, a very specific fixation makes him more dangerous.

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Agent Aude arrives at the scene of writer Ryan North (Invincible squirrel girl), Nico Leon (Marvel), & Rachelle Rosenberg (Atlantis Attack)of Power pack # 2 Coordinated by Whitman himself, following the rush of the prestigious team with the supervillain Boogeyman, which was later revealed.then “A super-powerful hygienist in a friendly neighborhood” Agent Aude wearing tights and a cloak Take responsibility for Star Track Power Pack And even offer to be their latest mentor. This amiable Agent Aude is far from the completely maniac and twisted way of the wizard’s traditional look. Marvel comics.. The classic Bentley Whitman was once just a scientific criminal, but this new Whitman (in the guise of Agent Aude) gives citizens around the world free, clean power derived from members of Power. Claims to focus on big goals in packing yourself.

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Superheroes can’t fight crime without undue power. In this case, Agent Aude is equipped with flying, super-powerful, extrasensory, and even stylish business cards, adding even more weight to the wizard’s façade. Even when the wizard isn’t busy playing superheroes, Whitman is used to bend his state-of-the-art armor, power-enhanced gloves, flyable anti-gravity discs, and others to his will. I have a formidable weapon in my ID machine. During his early tenure as a villain, the wizard used his famous ID machine at The Thing to entice a gentle rock giant to attack his teammates.

Wizard Agent Aude

Wizard is the founder of Fantastic Four’s hostile Supervillain Group 4 scary peopleSince then, the wizard has not disturbed the formidable threat.Eventually, Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic four And his adjacency FF A much darker series of wizards arriving at the scene. The wizard had a brain tumor. This may have helped Whitman motivate him to clone his multiple clones. One of the wizard’s clones, the boy known for the number 23, is captured by Whitman’s enemies and becomes an integral member of the Fantastic Four. Science-oriented Future Foundation Program.. In the process of Hickman’s problem, Bentley-23 wit to gain independence, evolve beyond the wizard’s original malice, and become obsessed with the role of Matt Fraction, Lee Orred, and Mike Allred’s father. Driven the man. FF.

Whitman was by no means a stable person, but his obsession with forming a nuclear family led him to abduct children, and the inhuman Queen Medusa of mind control began to act as a wife, comparing. I’m even more worried about managing naive power packs.given that Power pack is Follow Kamala’s Law, They legally demand mentors not to put them in jail.Sadly, the only hero on the table has a really nasty history Fantastic fourThe creepiest villain of. I hope the kids will come up with his true plan before it’s too late.

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Fantastic Four’s most eerie villain is Marvel’s Dark New Hero

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