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Fantasy Akada: Kabaddi in demand as a fantasy sport

Fantasy Akhada Founder Amit Purohit

By Reya Mehrotra

In January 2020, the pandemic reached the dawn of the world. But it was also a time when Fantasy Akhada, a fantasy sports platform founded by Amit Purohit, took shape and turned against the flow to raise millions of dollars and became the face of Indian fantasy sports. We hired Harsha Bhogle as a brand ambassador and raised the platform. Sports tech companies haven’t looked back, and as the second round of IPL has resumed, multiple rounds of funding have been invested and the consumer base continues to expand. September.

Not a new concept

Modern avatars with fantasy sports technology, a relatively new concept in India, already existed in 2001. “When I was a kid, I watched Harsha Bhogle and Navjot Singh Sidhu play fantasy sports on the Super Selector. At ESPN Star Sports in 2001-02. So it’s not a new concept. Ideas from there. We picked it up. Then, from 2011 to 2012, when Dream11 started expanding categories in a way that expanded them, the money element was born, “says Purohit.

In April of this year, the platform raised 5 rupees Prime Securities.. Regarding the previous expansion and financing of the IPL, he said: We always raise money for technology costs, user acquisition (by printing, television, digital), and employee costs long before IPL. “

Purohit shares that on his platform, users are more interested in short-form cricket like the T20 and don’t enjoy the test match much because the money is locked out for 5 days. He says the T10 League is likely to be the next big thing in fantasy sports. The shorter the format, the better the engagement.

When asked about a comparison between fantasy sports and betting, he said: “The fantasy sport described by the Supreme Court of India and the High Court is a sport of athletes to not only predict the outcome of a particular event, but also to make a collective set of decisions. It is at hand. Of the 22 decisions, 13 are highly informed, calculated, and sophisticated choices of decisions, and therefore a game of skill, not a game of luck. “

He says that when a person goes through the internal organs, the decision turns out to be wrong, and if there is a track record, the decision is more correct than wrong.

Women’s T20 match biggest draw

Purohit has hosted thousands of matches on the platform, but the women’s T20 match between India and England is the biggest match ever, and this kind of involvement on platforms like him is BCCI’s women’s. It will also be a deciding factor in considering the future of cricket.

As for other sports, soccer needs to think more, so less people do it in fantasy sports, and much more people play cricket, he says. Fantasy Ahada has the potential to deploy Kabaddi for Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) fans in response to popular demand. “Before Covid-19, Kabaddi was India’s second sport, so we plan to take advantage of this segment,” he says.

But are fantasy sports as addictive as cricket and betting? “We never encourage people to make a living from it, but we encourage them to try it for fun for sports engagement,” he adds.

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Fantasy Akada: Kabaddi in demand as a fantasy sport Fantasy Akada: Kabaddi in demand as a fantasy sport

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