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Manipulating the exemption wire is crucial to success in fantasy basketball. With so many games, injuries and endless shifts in rotation throughout the marathon campaign, you need to get stats from free agents to maximize your fictitious roster.

The willingness to entertain the competition for the last few spots on your fantasy hoop roster can prove rewarding. When curating this fluid group of statistical contributors, it helps to consider players at the end of the bench who are directly competing with the talent floating in free agents.

The goal of this weekly series is to identify players available in at least half of the ESPN League in each position (although there are some exceptions for players hovering in the immediate vicinity of this threshold. Masu). Some candidates are specialists who can assist in one or two categories, while others provide more diverse and important stats.

In the breakdown below, we ordered players in each position with the priority of acquisition in mind, not the percentage of the ESPN League roster.

Point guard

Elfrid Payton, New York Knicks (Registered at 29.1% of ESPN League): After averaging 20.2MPG and 3.5PPG in the first two games of the season, Peyton appeared last week as Tom Thibodeau’s rotation equipment. In a recent four-game sample, he significantly reduced 18.5 PPG, 5.5 RPG, and 5.8 APG at 30.5 MPG. Given how deficient Waver Wire is in assist production and point guard play early in the ESPN League season, Payton offers savvy pickups in most formats.

Derrick White, San Antonio Spurs (19.2%): In 11 game stretches ending the 2019-20 season in San Antonio, White averaged 17.6 PPG and 2.2 “stock” (steal and block combination) to 2.53 PG. Prolonged toe injuries slow the start of the season and White appears to be a free agency in many leagues, but will soon have a meaningful statistical impact on the Spurs and Fantasy rosters.

George hill, Oklahoma City Thunder (16.7%): Playing for at least 24 minutes in each of his four Thunder appearances so far, Hill achieved an impressive average of 15.3 PPG and a total rebound of 6.5 as a stable move on this young roster, with solid shot results ( 2.3 Helps to achieve 3PG). You have to endure the game you missed because of the veteran guard’s rest, but when he’s active, his floor has proven to be relatively high.

Shooting guard

Terrence Ross, Orlando magic (38.6%): The list of players with an average of at least 22 PPG, 2.8 3 PG and 1.2 SPG this season includes: Malcolm Brogdon, CJ McCollum, Kyrie Irving, Paul George, Stephen Curry, Jayson Tatum … and Ross. Just last Saturday night, Ross scored 26 points from the bench as Orlando’s aggressive microwave, 20th match in the last five seasons, and at least 25 points from the bench, the third in the season. And the NBA in this sample. In magic offenses that require spacing and surrounding creation, Ross is a great scoring and shooting specialist to target.

Josh Jackson, Detroit Pistons (30.6%): Jackson has won steals in each of his six appearances this season and has achieved blocks in the last four games. The previous lottery pick, a sleeper after some kind of hype, scored double digits in all but one match of the season, a sure addition for managers looking for defensive output in the wing. It will be.

Norman Powell, Toronto Raptors (8.0%): It was certainly a cruel start to the season for Powell, but a larger sample of last season’s scoring success suggests that he plans to make positive corrections in the coming weeks. Powell, with an earned run average that mimics the solid results of last season, is a valuable retreat for fantasy managers who are willing to put up with him on the pine.

Small forward

Keldon Johnson, San Antonio Spurs (37.9%): The Spurs’ previous revelation, Johnson, followed up on Friday’s performance. This included at least 25 points and the first 10-board pro game against Utah’s clever defense on Sunday, with 22 points solid. Stella’s ERA is also part of Johnson’s profile, making him the premier pickup of the week.

Kyle Anderson, Memphis Grizzlies (46.7%): Since the quiet start of the season, “Slo Mo” has scored at least 18 points in four of the last five games and at least 10 boards in half of the season. Anderson will enjoy healthy usage and many playmaking opportunities in the coming weeks, as the top two stars of the team have been shelved for the foreseeable future.

Luguentz Dort, Oklahoma City Thunder (24.1%): Fantasy investors were, of course, enthusiastic Shai Gilgeous-Alexander In this season’s draft, Dort was mostly retrofitted, despite some strong playoff performance during the summer. The second year defense stopper averages 1.6 “stock” and 2.4 3PG as the 3D wing of Oklahoma City this season, which is noteworthy given how stable his role is against Thunder. ..

Power forward

Darius Buzzley, Oklahoma City Thunder (13.7%): On average, the list of players with at least 1.2 BPG, 11.2 PPG, 8.6 RPG, and 1.03 PG includes: Joel Embiid, Tobias Harris, Christian wood, Karl-Anthony Towns, And Buzzley. As the team’s top rebound force and key rim protector, Buzzley is a fun fantasy option that still floats around the exempt wire in the majority of ESPN Leagues.

De’Andre Hunter, Atlanta Hawks (26.5%): Given Atlanta’s huge investment, a kind of forgotten man in fantasy terms heading for the season Danilo Gallinari And Bogdan Bogdanovich During the off-season, Hunters were impressively stable to the Hawks throughout the first few weeks of the season. Virginia products can provide a solid shot and rebound rate, especially when the team needs his defensive presence against higher scoring wings.

Marcus Morris Sr... , LA Clippers (5.5%): Like the Spurs White, Morris continues to recover from knee disease, so patience is required, but given what the important role is, this three-dimensional force has real benefits. As a Clippers floor spacer and front coat defender.Morris confirmed his ability to help the fantasy team last season by averaging multiple steals and blocks per game, creating a solid 38.5% of his three-pointer dating back to the beginning of the 2018-19 season.


Wendell Carter Junior.. , Chicago Bulls (37.2%): Carter Jr. has endured the growing pain of fighting the NBA’s Bigs, but has twice the potential on most outings, so you need to keep an eye on a stable time unless you’re in foul trouble. there is.

PJ Washington, Charlotte hornets (47.2%): A thumb bruise surfaced over the weekend, which could limit Washington in future matches, but the talent of the front court in the second year qualifies beneficially at ESPN League centers and power forwards, with a 3-point shot. A rare player who can defensively help the roster rates from these positions.

Chris Boucher, Toronto Raptors (32.4%): Although his playing time remains a bit limited (only 20.2 MPG), Boucher was very helpful for the fantasy purpose of providing a strong block count and efficient scoring. As the best rim protector in Toronto, Boucher was able to earn more time as the season progressed, helping out with the fantasy roster.

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Fantasy Basketball Waiver-Wire Found-Elfrid Payton, Darius Buzzley Among the Major Pickups Fantasy Basketball Waiver-Wire Found-Elfrid Payton, Darius Buzzley Among the Major Pickups

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