Fantasy Flight Post X-Wing Point Update

November 25, 2020 by Polar_Bear

Continue the game with the same number of moving parts as the moving parts X wing It’s difficult to be balanced. There are always many things you can adjust to make your game run as smoothly as possible. Fantasy Flight overhauled the points in the game and posted the results. Make sure your squadron is still legal.

From the article:

X-Wing2021 Season 1 point update and hyperspace rotation

The updated X-Wing point list is now available in our support section. Star Wars™: X-Wing product page! We were planning to move the January update to November, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this change did not occur this year, so we decided to continue the update in November instead of waiting until January. did. .. There are no additional scheduled point updates in January.

So this update marks the beginning of the 2021 X-Wing year, so what has changed and why?

Change points

Very dominant Nantex-Class starfighters have already risen in price with an unscheduled update in October, and the metagame is already more uncertain and moving than usual in one of the twice-yearly scheduled updates. It is a target. So, in terms of point changes, this update is virtually fairly modest, empowering some iconic but poorly performing ships and slightly reducing the effectiveness of some major ships and upgrades. The purpose is to let you.

The T-65 and T-70X wings, like the TIE / ln fighters, have slightly reduced points. Similarly, many iconic Republic ships, including all instances of “Oddball”, received a small point reduction.

There are also new military builders you can find here.


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