Fantasy Flight Preview Star Wars LAAT Patrol Transport: Legion

March 25, 2021 by Polar_Bear

On the battlefield Star Wars Space, it’s not just the army along the ground that you have to worry about. Ships of all kinds can come overhead. This includes LAAT / LE patrol transport. Star Wars: Legion (Originally, this is X wing preview. It took me a while to notice while looking at the box).

From preview:

The search light patrols the night sky, looking for signs of enemies in the changing landscape of war. For such missions, the LAAT / le Patrol Transport is a frequently used asset of the Galactic Republic’s and later Imperial’s military when tracking and capturing priority targets. On the battlefield, these agile means of transportation are used to quickly deploy troops where they are most needed, regardless of obstacle terrain or hostile environments. LAAT / le can jump over obstacles, allowing you to quickly move your troops to where you need them most, and when you get there, aerial support protects them.

Armored transport aircraft offer new options for Republic and Empire strategies and can be added quickly to increase the mobility of your troops. LAAT / le Patrol transport unit expansion For your tactical repertoire! This dual faction extension features a vehicle miniature with a fully detailed interior and a set of two different pilot options. One is the Phase II clone armor and the other is the Imperial TIE pilot’s uniform. The LAAT / le rear door can be closed and opened to assemble, revealing internal details. The transparent cockpit panel shows the interior of the aircraft and the two pilots. This expansion opens up new tactical options that were previously unavailable to these factions, ensuring that many players find their place in their favorite strategies.How LAAT / le Patrol transport unit expansion May fit your aerial attack plan!


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