Fantasy Flight Preview Star Wars Republic Squadron Pack: Armada

November 20, 2020 by Polar_Bear

The republic is rich in clones, and Jedi knights are flying to protect it from separatists. In this preview, take a look at fighter pilots and their squadrons. Star Wars: Armada.

From the article:

As the republic mobilizes its fleet to respond to the growing threat of separatists, the smallest ships can make the biggest difference.Work with larger warships like AcclamatorThe Republic’s series of starfighters, the class of amphibious assault ships, is an integral part of its strategy and can play a decisive role in the upcoming epic space combat.

When Star Wars™: Armada plunges into the tense battle of Clone Wars, these starfighters are more important than ever. Soon, you will have access to the entire stables of the Republic’s Starfighters. Republic Fighter Squadron Expansion Pack!!

This expansion puts eight additional combat squadrons at your fingertips, representing some of the Republic’s most iconic Starfighters, including two Delta-7s. Ether sprite Squadron, two BTL-BY wing squadrons, two ARC-170 squadrons, and two V-19 Trent squadrons. Of course, some of Clone Wars’ most permanent heroes put these starfighters into battle. With 11 squadron cards, you are free to choose between a regular fighter squadron or 7 squadrons led by elite pilots.

Join us today as we will take a closer look Republic Fighter Squadron Expansion Pack!!


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