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To bounce, the player must drop out.

Therefore, the debate about whether to return to the form in the 2020-21 season (should we just call it 2021?) Should begin by identifying who fell in 2019-20.

The· New default scoring system For makes it a little easier to compare seasonal stats because there are assigned values ​​that you can give to players for fantasy production. In addition, the assigned value will occur over a set number of games.

Since points are the default score here, you will see more fantasy points for each game discussion. Therefore, we use FPPG as an acronym.

Now, the unmanageable outcomes for bounceback candidates will come in the form of injured players. But it’s easy for a reason: it doesn’t help much. Vladimir Tara Senko He scored 168.3 fantasy points in 2018-19 and 22.3 fantasy points in 2019-20, but as you know, he played only 10 games last season.

In those 10 games he put 2.23 FPPG in the pot. In his strong 2018-19 season, he won 2.21 FPPG. Labeling him as a bounceback candidate doesn’t really tell a story. If he recovers for the next season, relying on 2.20 or so FPPG is probably a safe bet. This isn’t really bouncing back. He never fell. He was just hurt.

We are looking for someone who plunged into FPPG from 2018-19 to 2019-20 to identify potential bounceback players. This person also has the opportunity to return to the previous form for a new situation or another situation.

However, check all the top dropoffs in FPPG before deciding if you like the chance to play like 2018-19.

Potential candidate

Alexandra Durov And Joe Pavelsky, F, Dallas Stars:

These two have some of the biggest drops in FPPG among all skaters. And although they belong to the same team, they didn’t have much time to spend together on the ice last season. So it doesn’t matter how they got here while I put them together for precognition.

Verdict: Calm down. Stars is one of the league’s largest defensive first teams, scoring third and fourth best goals for the total per game in the last two seasons. That’s what they are doing. Radurov and Pavelsky’s FPPGs last season are expected to stay in the same range (1.55 for Radurov and 1.43 for Pavelsky). 2018-19, Stars Powerplay was a particularly good year to explain Radurov’s surge. Of course, Pavelsky was on a different team at that time.

Jeff Skinner, F, Buffalo Sabers:

Skinner, who moved from 1.86 FPPG in 2018-19 to 1.11 last season, has entered the downseason as one of the very clear reasons. Jack Eicher.. Skinner was no longer teaming up with Eicher and was tasked with doing his best to create a secondary scoring line. It didn’t work.

Verdict: A little bounce. His ex-teammate (although rarely linemates) will be at the center of him Eric Stahl And with the improvement of Dylan Cozens, who is likely to get the first crack when completing the second line, Skinner will be in a better position this season. However, it is doubtful that he will be able to achieve a height adapted to Eicher. In particular, it is unlikely that the top power play unit is looking for him.

Victor Alvidson, F, Nashville Predators:

Predez’s winger has dropped from 2.04 FPPG in 2018-19 to less impressive 1.31 in 2019-20. 2018-19, Arvidsson almost exclusively Ryan Johansen And Philip FoshbergBut that wasn’t the case last season as the team did more mixing and matching with the offense. His role in power play was inconsistent in both seasons.

Verdict: Bounce back. Coach John Hines ended the season with a more consistent line, especially in the form of Johansen-Albidson-Forsburg’s top unit. I don’t think Arvidsson will crest 2.0FPPG again (his 2018-19 was really, really good), but it’s possible to get close to that.Especially secured by the team Michael Granlund Rebalance the second line.

Phil Kesel, F, Arizona Coyote:

The desert wasn’t kind to Kessel and dropped him from 1.94FPPG in 2018-19 with a penguin to 1.24 last season. He has never clicked on the offensive weapons offered. Taylor Hall And Clayton Keller..

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Fantasy Hockey Draft-Bounceback Candidate Fantasy Hockey Draft-Bounceback Candidate

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