Fantasy RPG with Service-Industry Protagonist

These fantasy RPGs focus on clerk, chef, innkeeper, and minions who help save the world, not adventurous heroes.

Most fantasy RPG video games prefer to focus on the stories of bold adventurers, famous heroes, and chosen heroes, but these mostly mention the shadow heroes that make the world’s economy work. Is not … Where are the RPGs for innkeepers, bartenders, quest providers, and merchants who sell all potions and equipment to adventurers? After all, there are several indie game RPGs about workers in the service industry that explore the concept itself and transform the classic fantasy story of the game, such as: Elder scroll And The Legend of Zelda Focus on those who support adventurers in epic quests.

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Designers Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson in the late 1970s Created Dungeons & Dragons, The world’s first role-playing game. RPGs are a well-known genre today, but at the time, the idea of ​​role-playing games was surprisingly novel to the gaming community. Instead of controlling an army of faceless playpieces, players control individual characters with unique abilities, characters that can change and grow as they level up and purchase gear from vendors around the world. I can do it.

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From the beginning, trading money and items has been at the heart of the RPG experience, a ubiquitous gameplay mechanic like XP and fireball spells. The main character of an RPG, whether it’s a desktop or a computer type, earns currency in the course of an adventure and spends it on the equipment of a merchant’s stall. Mana potion from an alchemist, Spellbooks from Wizards, and other merchandise and services that aspiring fantasy adventurers may need. This raises some questions: What would it be like to work in a service industry that caters to these adventurers? Are these shopkeepers and blacksmiths indignant at their violent customer base or encouraged to venture on their own? The following RPG video games will try to answer these questions in their own way.

Service Industry RPG-Recettear: Item Shop Story

Service Industry Fantasy RPG Recettear Item Shop Story

If D & D It was the first game in the RPG genre Recettear: Item Shop Story It is a game that popularized “Fantasy of service industry“Sub-genre. Released in 2007”Doujin“The game story at Game Studio EasyGameStation focuses on the human girl and fairy Recette Lemongrass and Tear. Fantasy item shop for adventurers To repay family debt. The gameplay is divided into two sections. In the business section, players expand and decorate their item shop, negotiate with customers to buy new magical items cheaply and sell them at high prices. In the dungeon exploration section, players hire a team of fantasy adventures to clear the dungeon. You won’t be in combat, but you’ll move around to collect loot and heal adventurers with useful potions.

Service industry RPG-Moonlighter

moonlighterios key art

Released on Digital Sun for PC. Indie RPG Moonlighter Have similar assumptions Recettear: Item Shop Story, Combined with life management gameplay from Stardew Valley8-bit graphics for games like, Hyper Light Drifter, And classic installment combat The Legend of Zelda series.. In Rinoka village, a young shopkeeper, Will, is in business and dreams of becoming a hero. His character’s journey is a managed gameplay where players sell items, create new equipment, expand their business, and players explore procedurally generated dungeons to kill monsters and exotic new equipment. It is embodied by combat gameplay that you obtain, use, and sell.

Service-Industry RPG-Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe

Battle Chef Brigade Service Industry Fantasy RPG

Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe Blend several different gameplay genres (side-scrolling action, action platform, tile matching) into a cohesive whole, just as the fantasy chef’s protagonist blends different monster ingredients into a cohesive and delicious meal. I will.Protagonist Battle Chef BrigadeSingle-player campaigns Mina, Thrash, and Ziggy aim to be the best battle chefs in the fantasy realm of Victusia and take part in a contest where you need to chase, kill, and cook delicious food for scary beasts. doing. The combat section of the game blends action platforms with titles such as: Castlevania With fighting game combos and hand drawn graphics like Guilty GearAlthough the cooking segment is based on matching Rows of colored tiles like Candy crush.. The more combinations a player gets, the more delicious their food will be.

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Service Industry RPG-Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper Service Industry Fantasy RPGs

Graveyard Keeper Often described as harsh, Gothic Version of Stardew Valley, And the comparison is not inaccurate. Instead of caring for the farm and the agricultural community around it Graveyard Keeper They tend to head to local graveyards in the medieval community and face the unpleasant but necessary task of understanding what to do with all the corpses. Do they politely bury them in a thoughtfully crafted mausoleum? Would you like to cremate them? Do you want to throw them into the river? Would you like to grind them into sausages for sale to a local butcher? Would you like to grow them as necromancy zombies?In the process of Graveyard Keeper Playthroughs also allow players to create items, explore dungeons full of monsters, and interact with colorful characters in eerie and superstitious settlements.

Service Industry RPG-Potion Permit

Potion Permit Service Industry Fantasy RPG

Potion permit Is a promising game scheduled to be released in 2021. This is a service industry RPG centered around the lifestyle of a trusted village alchemist often found in fantasy adventure stories.Protagonist Potion permit Is an alchemist of the Medical Association and was sent to the rustic town of Moonbury to help the mayor treat his sick daughter. As a professional potion maker and doctor, players spend half their time in the village caring for the sick inhabitants, cataloging their symptoms to identify the illness and devising the perfect cure.The other half of Potion permission Classic LThe Legend of Zelda-The quest for style Fight Monsters: Players collect materials from the wilderness around the village, bravely confront bad weather and fight wandering monsters. In this segment, you can use your alchemy skills as a weapon to create fortified potions and caustic brews that debilitate your enemies, and use your ingenious talents to support your adventure.

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