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Keep an eye on your energy

This is probably the most important aspect of Far: Lone Sails. Your mysterious ship, like gas, needs energy to keep it going. But this energy looks like water in nature. Trying to maintain the energy of your car throughout your journey is very important.

You will run out of it a lot, so keep it in mind. To restore energy, you will need to get some boxes that usually appear on the road. Immediately after the jump, you can find something near the building. From there, there should be those groups on your way.

You need to grab these boxes and put them in the back room of the ship. When you jump and press a button in the room, a small platform lifts the box and uses its energy content in the vehicle. Since a particular box contains a certain amount of energy, two small boxes may fill it and a special container may be completely filled with a single use. So collect as many boxes as you can and store them in another room on the ship. There are small hangers on which you can put them.

Take advantage of the brakes

When you drive your car, you will need to refuel with energy as we talked about. This obviously means that you need to stop to do this. However, if it’s fast enough, you can replenish your energy while the ship is moving and keep things going.

But if this isn’t what you want to do and you want to take the time, you need to stop the ship and there is a nice brake button just above the accelerator. Press this button to stop it completely wherever you are.

Otherwise, you can easily see that the vehicle starts to move backwards slowly and move forward on its own. That’s why it’s important to apply the brakes. It’s already moving slowly enough and it takes some time to actually move, so the last thing you want to do is set it back and waste energy in the process.So definitely use a nice brake

Pull your car

Far: If you want to save some of your energy box with Lone Sails, it’s perfectly understandable. One way you can do that is to go out in front of your car. There is a rope that can be pulled, which allows you to move forward without using energy.

Of course, the move will be quite slow, but it’s a great way to save some boxes and in some cases grab some more while pulling a big ship (wow, see how strong you are). please). Each energy box is valuable, so if you feel you’re running out of energy boxes, stick your head out and pull them apart.

It’s wise that this was a feature included in the game. Instead of panicking due to lack of energy, you can use your own strength to pull apart until you find some boxes. You can run out of ships and leave on your own, but you can’t go very far. That said, it may be just enough for you to see those wonderful little boxes.

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