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Farmer Focus: Investing in soil health wants to increase profits

We are in our home farm for the fifth year. When we took on the tenant in 2017, one of the first and most important tasks we did was to do a farm-wide soil test.

It was clear that the farm hadn’t seen a drop of lime or shavings for years, but that possibility was clear to us.

As first-generation peasants, we really have to drive our business to justify being able to generate regular rental demand along with all other running costs. Important factors for us are soil health and ground productivity.

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We strive to improve ground conditions and properly strengthen our business to make our farms as productive as possible.

We have finally completed a farm-wide soil health program with regular testing and limiting a quarter of the farm each year as needed.

All Burwan fields have been re-sown. As the weather permits, I would like to use wheat and oats in the spring to dig before the end of the day.

At that time, it was a huge financial investment for young companies to re-sow and improve over 80ha, and why are they under so much financial pressure to improve farms we do not own? There are days when I wonder.

Pig and cow mud is very valuable for changing phosphates, potash and organic matter throughout the farm and can be purchased with less fertilizer (it’s also a good job because of its high price). We hope to see higher economic benefits this year.

The lamb is just around the corner here, which keeps us busy for the next few months.

Unfortunately, we cannot be with veterinary students this year due to Covid-19 blockade restrictions. Therefore, our craftsman Josh and I all need to participate.

Hopefully the weather will be mild again and you can quickly find the ewes and lambs in the new lei to free up pen space and workforce.

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Farmer Focus: Investing in soil health wants to increase profits

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