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Farmers who book early can enter the serial event for free

Cereals 2021 will offer free tickets to registered visitors by the end of March, allowing people to ultimately look forward to physical events.

The two-day event in Lincolnshire on June 9th and 10th will provide farmers with the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in renewable agriculture and new environmental land management (ELM) schemes.

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Event organizer Alli McEntyre explained that to increase certainty, organizers provide farmers with a risk-free way to keep their events in their diary and enjoy them.

“Cereal is the first of Comexposium’s physical European events to be held this year, and we know that both farmers and exhibitors want to return to it. Offer free tickets That means visitors can be confident in their registration decisions, “she says.

During the preparatory stage of the event, attendees will have access to four preview webins that highlight important topics covered in each theater of the event. “This will give visitors a taste of what they can expect, stimulate their desire for the event itself, and make people think about the important issues covered.”

The flagship AHDB Theater covers many topics over a two-day period, from ELM schemes and agricultural bills to climate change and rapid scientific / technical sessions.

At the new Sustainable Solutions Theater, in collaboration with the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs, visitors can understand regenerative farming and how to make it profitable. “The second day will focus on soil health, from the latest science and research on microbiomes to cultivation and drainage,” McEntire said.

The British Innovation Theater, which focuses on new technologies to support farmers, and the Market and Farm Diversification Theater, which explores market challenges and opportunities, and value-added prospects, are also new.

“We record all the seminars so ticket owners can access them after the event. Thus, if you don’t do all the sessions, you can catch up later,” she adds. ..

To request a free ticket, please visit: Event website Use the code “FREE1”.

Farmers who book early can enter the serial event for free

https:///events/cereals/farmers-who-book-early-get-free-entry-at-the-cereals-event Farmers who book early can enter the serial event for free

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