Farmer’s Wife Blog Top 15 Must Follow in 2021

1. Corn, beans, pigs, children

Iowa, USA About blogs Hello. I’m Val Pludge. The Corn, Beans, Pigs, and Kids blog shares the areas of opportunity for me and my family in north-central Iowa as a farmer, farmer’s wife, housewife, and volunteer. frequency 1 post / quarter From January 2012 blog
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2. Wife of this farm

Wife of this farm

North Carolina, USA About blogs When Meredith Bernard left the company’s sales position and returned to the farm in 2013, he replaced his truck with a tractor and at the same time was passionate about photography and writing. Throughout her journey, she realized that telling stories of life, including her own life, was her deepest passion. A completely imperfect farm wife in pursuit of cows, children, and god-sized dreams. frequency 1 post / week From December 2016 blog This
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3. Frugal farm wife

Frugal farm wife

Middleton, Tennessee, United States About blogs Welcome to the wife of the fff family. I share our adventures of saving money, earning money, eating allergy-free food and living a healthy life. frequency 3 posts / month blog
Facebook fan 114.7K intensive<0x8B><0x85><0x85>Sign Twitter Follower 5.4K Concentrated<0x8B><0x85><0x85>Temporary Instagram follower 2.5K<0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0x98> Discount<0x8B><0x85> Domain Authority 48<0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0x98> <0xE2><0x8B><0x85><0x85><0x85> Alexa Rank 791.4K<0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0x98> View the latest posts <0xE2><0x8B> Get email contacts

4. Brown Family Farm

Brown Family Farm

Minnesota, USA About blogs We are a married couple who run a CSA share farm founded in 2012 by owner Ben Brown. We started a farm with a handful of seeds on just a few acres of family land and came from a humble beginning. We didn’t have the equipment, the sowing trays, or the tractors, but we made it work. Listen from the farmer’s wife. Weekly updates from the farm, recipes, and appointments for the next CSA share. frequency 1 post / week From September 2016 blog Brown Family
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5. Kim’s County Line

Kim's County Line

Stafford, Kansas, USA About blogs Hi, I’m Kim Frizemeier, wife of a farm in Kansas. I’m blogging about farms, families, beliefs, food and photography at the Kim’s County Line. I love all of the above, along with reading and music. frequency 1 post / day From December 2010 blog
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6. Farm wife

Farm wife

About blogs Here you can enjoy with your family, your farm, and a really good grab. After successfully raising four rather ordinary sons and marrying the same wonderful farmer for over 45 years, I felt obliged to give back to my motherhood and life in general. Thus, the random ramblings of the farm wife. I love sharing what God has given us. Please come with your friends next time. frequency 1 post / month From October 2020 blog
Facebook fan 11.6K <0xE2><0x85> followers Twitter followers 249 <0xE2><0x8B><0x85>Temporary Instagram follower 614 <0x8B><0x85><0xE2><0x85> Social Social Engagement 33<0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0x98> Discount<0x8B>Domain Authority 13<0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0x98> <0xE2><0x8B><0x85><0x85> Rank Alexa Rank 7.2M<0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0x98> View the latest posts <0xE2><0x8B> Get email contacts

7. Buzzer’s beat

Buzzard & # 39; s Beat

Greeley, Kansas, United States About blogs I’m a buzzard! My husband and I run a small ranch in southeastern Kansas and spend a lot of time rodeoing, running, and joining rural communities. I’m blogging about life on a ranch in Kansas, cowgirl life, and everything related to it, so follow me. You don’t know what happens with Buzzer’s Beat, whether it’s cooking, moving cows, going down a rodeo trail, or running. frequency 1 post / week From October 2009 blog
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8. Farmer’s wife and mother

Farmer's wife and mom

Cheshire, Connecticut, United States About blogs I’m Emma, ​​the wife of a farmer and the mummy of three children. I’ve been a journalist for over 10 years and am determined to write a novel someday if I have time to care for children and animals. frequency 4 posts / month From April 2013 blog Farmer wife
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9. Uptown Farms

Uptown farm

Brookfield, Missouri, USA About blogs Hello! I’m UPTOWN GIRL. Christian. Boy mom. Farmer’s wife. Marathon runner. Ugg Professional. Bourbon lovers. Defend everything in agriculture and rural areas. We are a modern family-owned farm in Missouri with a focus on conservation, quality and control. frequency 4 posts / day From February 2014 blog ..
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10. Another day at the farm

Just another day on the Farm

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada About blogs Welcome to this big old wide web little blog. I am a 4th generation born in Canada and a family in Alberta. In my heart, I’m still a Western girl. I grew up on a horse, hound, hunting and fishing farmhouse according to my father in the pipeline and a very strong mother who can make us home. Our blog introduces a little bit of everything from big gardens to milking sheep. frequency 6 posts / month From November 2010 blog Living
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11. Modern farm wife

Wife of a modern farm

About blogs Hello. My name is Jessica, the wife of a dairy farmer. I didn’t grow up in the country. I didn’t grow up in the city in the name of a confession. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, a lovely suburban community on the shores of Lake Michigan. I’ve always preferred skyscrapers and concrete to large open spaces and dirt roads. My dream of life was to move to Chicago, eat sushi and work for a newspaper company. frequency 1 post / month From January 2011 blog Modern Farm
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12. Reluctant farmer’s wife

Reluctant farmer's wife

About blogs Hello! This is a confession of a reluctant farmer’s wife. The beauty of a simpler and more natural country lifestyle found by urban girls. frequency 4 post / quarter From May 2019 blog Reluctant farmer
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13. Minnesota Farm Living

Minnesota Farm Living

Minnesota, USA About blogs Welcome to Minnesota Farm Living! My name is Wanda Pache and I live in southern Minnesota. Frankly, I spent my whole life here. I changed from an urban girl to a farmer’s wife. I am passionate about ag. I have never grown up on a farm, but over the years I have grown a true appreciation for agriculture. I love sharing my “story” through blogs and other social media platforms. My blog is like looking at my life through a window. frequency 4 post / quarter From April 2013 blog
Twitter followers 3.2 million <0xE2><0xE2><0x85><0x85> Social Social Engagement 776%<0x8B><0x85>Temporary Domain Authority 40 <0x8B><0x8B><0x8B><0x85><0x85><0x85> Alexa Rank 330 View the latest posts <0xE2><0x8B> Get email contacts

14. California Prairie

Prairie California

About blogs I’m from North Dakota, California. The daughter of the second butcher. The wife of a farmer born and raised in North Dakota. And the mother of two of the most smiling children ever. Everything started in 2011 and I knew my life had changed forever. I lived in beautiful Northern California and worked at my parents’ local butcher, but (not kidding) vowed never to leave. Then I met (now) the farmer’s husband on Twitter and everything changed. A few months later, I moved from California to North Dakota. frequency 9 posts / year blog
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15. In the sunset of life

During the dusk of life

About blogs Hi, this is Julie! You will find that you really enjoy taking pictures of your family and country life on the farm. I’ve been blogging since 2012, taking regular breaks, raising my last daughter, working part-time, and quilting as much as I can. You can read why I came back to In Between the Sunsets of Life. frequency 5 posts / year From August 2020 blog Between
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