Fast-forward, total knee osteoarthritis (TKR) tracking for game-changing day care relief

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The knee is the largest joint in our body and is an essential requirement to support leg movements and perform most of our daily activities. Injuries, illnesses, or wear can damage the knee and cause severe pain and dysfunction.

Total knee osteoarthritis (TKR), a procedure performed to replace an affected knee joint with artificial material, acts as a savior for patients suffering from severely injured knee joints. TKR is a life-changing procedure for patients that can significantly reduce or eliminate knee pain and discomfort and restore mobility and function.

The safety and efficacy of TKR treatments have gradually improved over the decades. Implant life and durability have also improved significantly since its invention.

What is Day Care, Fast Track Osteoarthritis (TKR) Surgery?

TKR was a time-consuming procedure with nearly three hours of surgery and considerable hospitalization after surgery. However, in recent years, there has been an increasing trend in day care for ideal patient candidates, fast-track total knee osteoarthritis.

Fast Track TKR is an advanced procedure currently performed only in some centers with the necessary infrastructure and team of experts. With this new and innovative minimally invasive technology, TKR surgery can be completed in just one hour with a cost reduction of nearly 30% while reducing the chance of infection.

The procedure involves using advanced surgical techniques performed with miniature instruments while providing local anesthesia confined to the leg area. The miniature instruments used in the procedure ensure minimal incisions (incisions) and, along with local anesthesia, help the patient recover more quickly, as well as pain, trauma, infections and complications usually associated with surgery. Greatly reduces illness and side effects.

For better understanding, the Fast Track (or Day Care) TKR program and related approaches are divided into three phases as the operation progresses.

  1. Preoperative stage concern:
  2. Complete patient assessment for surgery
  3. Appropriate patient education (eg, what should and should not be done postoperatively and exercise)
  4. Infection prevention (antibiotics before surgery)
  5. Preemptive analgesia (preoperative treatment)
  6. Intraoperative phase concern:
  7. Anesthesia approach
  8. Duration of surgery
  9. Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) approach
  10. Blood management
  11. Maintaining normal body temperature (maintaining normal core body temperature)
  12. Postoperative stage concern:
  13. Early removal of catheter
  14. Infection prevention (postoperative preventive antibiotics)
  15. Thrombus prevention (a drug that reduces the formation of blood clots after surgery)
  16. Pain relief with effective pain management
  17. Professional support, rehab medicine, exercises for early travel at home

Benefits of day care, fast track TKR procedures

The Fast Track TKR has revolutionized the healthcare industry with minimal incisions, minimal exposure, minimal blood loss, and short hospital stays. The Day Care Fast Track TKR reduces the total cost or cost of surgery by approximately 30% compared to standard TKR. However, it is important to select the right patient without comorbidities. Some of the benefits of day care, Fast Track TKR are:

  1. Faster recovery
  2. Don’t stay overnight in the hospital
  3. Minimal or no interruption to normal routines
  4. Economic benefits (about 30-35%)
  5. Minimal pain due to proprietary anesthesia
  6. Faster mobility
  7. Return to normal sooner
  8. Less mental stress and disability (especially the elderly)
  9. Reduced risk of cross-infection in hospitals (especially during COVID-19 pandemic)

Fast Track Surgery for Knee Replacement is Safe in the COVID-19 Pandemic Era

While the COVID-19 pandemic is widespread in India and around the world and may continue for the foreseeable future, Day Care, Fast Track TKR is a safe surgical procedure to reduce the spread of the disease.

In addition, with Fast Track TKR surgery, patients who are worried about COVID-19 infection (which is unlikely) are more likely to return home the same day and avoid overnight, so schedule the surgery. Sometimes you can feel more at ease. Admission.


Recent advances in this area with new anesthesia protocols and new multimodal pain relief strategies have made fast-track surgery available to more and more patients for knee replacement surgery. Early post-surgical mobility is critical to almost every surgical recovery process, and perhaps even more so in Fast Track TKR.

Day Care at Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad, Fast Track TKR

Hyderabad’s Apollo Hospital is characterized by conducting Fast Track TKR, South India’s first day care. The revolutionary surgery was performed on a 65-year-old female patient with known diabetes by a team led by Dr. KJ Reddy, an orthopedic surgeon at Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad. The patient was discharged the same night after 8 hours of postoperative observation. Since then, she has fully recovered and is making her daily life easier and more comfortable.

For ideal candidates, day care, fast track KKR (total knee osteoarthritis) surgery is safe and effective, with the same low readmission and complication rates as non-day care TKR.

With complete infrastructure, state-of-the-art equipment, and the expertise of talented and dedicated technicians and nurses, and prominent consultants such as Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad offers preoperative screening and counseling to intraoperative management and postoperative care. It provides a comprehensive and coordinated route of care up to recovery.Outpatient rehabilitation

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