Faster-than-light (PC, 2012) Video Game Music Review

Welcome to Morning Music, KotakuA daily hangout for those who love video games and the cool ass sounds they make.Today, it’s time to jump over hyperspace with the whimsical chiptune of the soundtrack to the 2012 strategic roguelike masterpiece. FTL: faster than light..

FTL: faster than light (((playlist / Long play / VGMdb) Is a game about holding together a small spaceship long enough to defeat the evil Galactic Empire. You can board an enemy ship, reroute all available power from the shield to the phaser, decompress the entire room and put out the fire. The space-filled, vibrant and varied soundtrack of the synthesizer makes the moment of hanging on the skin of the teeth even more rewarding and meaningful.

Illuminate your soul and listen:

Subset Game / GameMusic321 (YouTube)

All songs except credit music have a “exploration” version for crossing the universe and a “combat” version for digging it out with space fascists, pirates, or other dangers (“Cosmos” battle trackIt’s one of the best ways to turn a sleepy song into a pulsating techno anthem). “Exploration version ofMilky Way“Embedded on” starts the game with a chorus of bright energy and electronic chirps. 1:40 The breakdown begins, and the composer Ben Planty Start shredding the alien keeter. It turns a blank space into a party as your crew moves back and forth between the ops station and the helm control.

The· Find the version of “Civil”Is also attractive, but colder. As the background music for the second map, it’s another map that anyone who plays is immediately familiar with. FTL, Because the early levels are the ones most replayed by people. But from there things get more moody. This is one of the tracks long after, “debris“:

Subset Game / GameMusic321 (YouTube)

The first half is mostly ambient, with metal-sounding echoes and bubbles, as if you were exploring the wreckage of a sunken ship. Along the way, some bell and string hints are picked up, as if guiding you to a deep-space church where space literature is about to begin.

Turn-based warship combat is fully coordinated, FTL Also, visiting various planets, asteroids, and space stations in search of shelters and supplies will sprout procedurally generated adventures. The game can do many things with very few gestures, suggesting a deep and personal history underneath the text tree and pixels. Prunty’s exciting music is a big part of that reason. “”ZoltanIs the best example of this:

Subset Game / GameMusic321 (YouTube)

Music for the last set of the world, it’s ominous but hopeful, mysterious but intimate.I played for 70 hours FTL According to Steam, most of them hovered over my laptop, spent alone in a small apartment, swallowed wine generously, and finally desperately tried to defeat motherhood. It was frozen outside, but I broke the window and opened it, releasing extra heat from a huge old furnace that seemed to never stop.

Meanwhile, I was light years away. While the android was maneuvering his ship long after the life support system broke down, he used a new teleporter to create rock monsters, and Mantis aliens shattered enemy ships. Some games are great for escape. My favorite is to take you to places you never wanted to go (in my case, far away from unknown galaxies). I still feel chills when listening to “Zoltan”.

That’s all for today’s morning music! Hopefully it’s not the last place you want, wherever you are now. Let us know in the comments or share any other ideas you have come up with.I may try to beat you soon FTL Again while you are.Until tomorrow!!

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