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Baku’s winner, Sergio Perez, finished the one-hour session in fourth place as the top two F1 teams swept the top position from off at Paul Ricard.

Sebastian Vettel led the field out of the pits at the start of the session, and his Aston Martin had two backs before Alfa Romeo’s Antonio Giovinazzi established his first P1 benchmark in 1’38.487 seconds as most drivers. I installed a high triangular aero rake. I wrapped the hard tires in the early stages.

Pierre Guthrie and media run Charles Leclerc-Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz Jr. each set the fastest time on the opening flying lap at the end of the first five minutes, with Sainz at 1: 36: 749. It has arrived.

After that, Verstappen jumped to the top for the first time at 1: 35: 639. This was the best time to the end of the opening 10 minutes, with Lando Norris setting 1’35.461.

Following McLaren, Sainz returned to first place at 1: 35.342, but Verstappen completed 1: 34.139, the fastest time on hard tires.

As we approached the midpoint, Mercedes drivers rode soft tires to complete the event’s opening performance run, with Hamilton taking first place in 1’33.783 seconds.

Verstappen’s red-walled rubber opening flying lap was 0.097 seconds slower than Hamilton. Hamilton ran through a large curb early on at the exit of Turn 2 and was quickly robbed by a botta with damaged front wing.

Leads Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB16B, Sergio Perez, Red Bull Racing RB16B

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After spending some time in the garage when Mercedes assessed the damage, when team sports director Ron Meadows complained to race director Michael Mashi about the placement of the curb, it was estimated to be worth “tens of thousands of pounds”. Was-Bottas was slotted in just behind Verstappen at the end of the hard tire run.

With a soft opening flying lap of 1’33.488, he was 0.335 seconds away from Hamilton and set the fastest time to the end of the session.

Verstappen was 0.432 seconds behind Bottas and Perez drifted 0.745 on his best soft tire lap.

Red Bull brought Verstappen to make some adjustments after the opening of the soft shod run, and then almost coincided with the time in the first sector that stood at the end of the session, and then in all middle sectors. It became the fastest.

However, after running far to the right through the curb leaving Turn 11, Verstappen abandoned the lap, and the Dutch suspected that the floor had been damaged at the moment of Turn 11.

Esteban Ocon jumped to fifth place in a soft late flyer and finished in the second Alpine ahead of McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo and Fernando Alonso.

Guthrie finished in 8th place ahead of Norris, and Yuki Tsunoda finished the top 10.

Several drivers, including Kimi Raikkonen (P13) and Guthrie, mirrored the botta and ran a lot on the curb at the exit of Turn 2, and three of the fields spun off.

Mick Schumacher, who finished 19th in the final ranking of FP1, speared closer to Turn 3 on a hard outlap at the start of the session, speared to the left when he hit the brakes approaching the turn, and then right front. Clipped the wall with.

Haas’s driver was able to return to the pits. Vettel was also able to return to the pits after turning to Turn 11 with a fast spin.

Aston’s rear swung Vettel around the first part of the corner to the right, sent the striped run-off area backwards and hit the tire barrier in the rear wing.

That was a significant impact, but Vettel was able to get rid of him and eventually returned to the track for a run later in the session, eventually finishing in 15th place, one behind his teammate Lance Stroll. did.

Sainz was another spinner, after a hard clip on the apex on Turn 2, he lost Ferrari’s rear and moved backwards towards the runoff, shortly after the Spaniards began their first performance with the compound. Ruined the first softset.

Ferrari’s drivers eventually became P11 and P16, with Leclerc at the forefront.

Roinissany, running on behalf of George Russell in Williams for FP1, raised the back of the field.

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Fastest botta from Hamilton and Verstappen in FP1 Fastest botta from Hamilton and Verstappen in FP1

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