FAU-G pre-registration starts at Play Store

The long-awaited FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards pre-registration has finally begun on the Google Play store. The action game was developed by Studion Core Pvt. This game is one of the most promising mobile games in the country, and expectations for mobile titles are rising.

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How do I pre-register for FAU-G on the Google Play Store?

The game, which was scheduled to be released by the end of November 2020, started pre-registration early today.

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Pre-registration of the game can be done by accessing the app Official page of Google Play store Click the green pre-registration button.

Images via Play Store

What is FAU-G: Fearless and unified guards?

FAU-G will be billed as a multiplayer action mobile title developed by Bangalore-based Studion Core. The company previously released only one app titled “Tappi” on the Google Play store.

According to the developer “FAU-G is a project proudly made in India by nCoreGames in honor of our military heroes. Based on real-world scenarios, FAU-G costs to protect the Indian border. Bring the thrills and adrenaline of a lost life to life. “

A trailer for the game was also released, showing the setting of the game, which appears to be based on the clash between the Indian and Chinese Garwan Valleys.

Game esports plan

In an interview with The Mako Reactor, Ganesh Hande, co-founder and COO of Ncore Games, hinted at the game’s ambitious esports plan.

“We participate in esports, but after building core gameplay and all other mechanics.” Handicap said. “So there will certainly be great esports play for us.”

However, given the fact that this game will be a multiplayer cop game against computer opponents, it will be interesting to see how to build a competitive mode to enter the field of esports.

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