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Photo: Damon Gonzalez / LatinBox Sports

Fighter: Antonio Tarver, Glen Johnson, Jameel Macline, Danny Santiago, * Frankie Randall, Marcel Clay, Danny Sanchez
trainer: Orlando Cuera, Luis Camacho
promoter: Terry Trekas
Historian: Carol Meyer
media: Arkadio Castro Jr., Brad Burkwitt
participant: Rodolfo Aguilar, Walter “Butch” Flansburg, Orlando Fernandez, * Charles “Doc” Williams
Officials / Committees: Alex Levin, John Birmingham, Richard Greene

Special Achievement Award: Steve Harris, Joey Orduna
Lifetime Achievement Award: * Bob Nicholson


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FBHOF class in 2021 »June 20, 2021 FBHOF class in 2021 »June 20, 2021

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