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Formula E and the FIA ​​have imposed fines specially designed to discourage manufacturers from quitting the championship in the next Gen3 era.

The new ruleset will be implemented between the 2022-23 and 2025-26 seasons, especially boosting power to the equivalent of 470bhp while introducing a weight reduction of 120kg per vehicle.

The FIA ​​has published a second version of the automaker registration process for Gen3. It contains new provisions to better prevent teams from leaving.

If the manufacturer terminates the series, they will still be required to pay the registration and certification fee of € 300,000 charged each season until the end of the rule cycle.

This “exclusive remedy” from the FIA, not included in the first draft released in December, must be paid in one lump sum within 60 days of the manufacturer’s withdrawal date.

The new Article 7.4 states: “If a manufacturer withdraws from the championship before the end of the cycle, the manufacturer’s sole responsibility and FIA’s sole remedy for such withdrawal is the payment of World Championship registration fees and official fees. Withdrawal until the end of the cycle. Payment will be made in one installment within 60 days of the withdrawal date.

It continues: “Manufacturers are solely responsible for any consequences for the competitors they supply.”

This follows Audi and BMW’s announcement during last year’s pre-test that they will end the FE at the end of the inbound 2020-21 campaign within two days of each other.

Audi supplies its customers’ powertrains to the Envision Virgin Racing team and will continue to supply them from 2021 to the end of 2010.Meanwhile, BMW was able to leave the Andretti race team-it wants To stay in the series -No powertrain contract.

FE and FIA have also updated supply prices for customer teams who want to run another manufacturer’s powertrain during Gen3 rules.

The original overview stated that “ready to race” cars would not exceed € 835,000.

However, € 195,000 was added to cover the battery refurbishment, and the maximum price for components such as suspensions, powertrains and transmissions increased by € 200,000 to a total of € 427,300.

This new total of € 1.23 million does not include the latest addition of a service charge of € 300,000 per vehicle.

However, this has been halved from the previous figure of 600,000 euros. This is due to a new limit on the number of team staff and the creation of a Logistics Working Group to: Reduce travel expenses.

Further cost savings can be made under the updated Article 5.9.

In this second draft, the manufacturer will need to provide the FIA ​​with a price list of spare parts.

The sum of this price list must not exceed 135% of the selling price of a complete new car. This is down from the previous 150% limit.

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FE adds fines to prevent maker withdrawal during Gen3 | Formula E News FE adds fines to prevent maker withdrawal during Gen3 | Formula E News

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