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February 2021 Stock Contest Entry!

Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Stock Chip Contest in February 2021. :)

This month’s contest is proudly sponsored OpenTrader, Australia’s latest and most advanced retail broker. Trade with the technology used by professionals!

For those who trade only occasionally OpenTraderThe Investor Wealth platform lacks access to monthly rates, charts, price alerts, conditional orders, unlimited watchlists, live portfolio valuations, and its own asset desire / fear index. Brokerage begins with a transaction of just $ 5.

For active traders OpenTraderActiveShare Trader PRO platform offers award-winning charting technology with unlimited custom dashboards, over 90 technical indicators, massive drawing tools and immersive live data.Create a custom layout that seems to fit the selection of charts driven by OpenTraderLow latency technology from tick-by-tick data to monthly time range. In addition to your own analysis such as greed / fear index, you have access to market maps, market depth, sales processes and major market news sources. OpenTraderThe Active Share Trader PRO platform is less cumbersome and more valuable.

All ASF members and visitors to sign up for OpenTrader You will have free access to the Active Share Trader PRO platform for 3 months via the ASF link. This is worth $ 297. Please check it. Whether you are an active trader or an occasional trader, you will find it very difficult to beat them.

This month, there were two participants who forgot to post in the stock chip thread according to the competition rules. @ silent1a,and @ yoloswag6666.. I give those participants an additional 48 hours to post in the thread of their competitive entry. If they choose to do so, I will add them to the February contest.

All qualified participants should check the entry and entry price and report any errors in this thread.

Track the results here. ASF Stock Competition Leaderboard

Feel free to discuss the competition in this thread as the moon progresses.


February 2021 Stock Contest Entry! February 2021 Stock Contest Entry!

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