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Federal observer sues BNSF for sexual harassment

NS Equal Employment Opportunity Committee (EEOC) has filed a proceeding on behalf of a female employee, alleging a sexually hostile work environment. BNSFDepot in the Alliance, Nebraska.

According to the proceedings and the EEOC, employees have been exposed to almost daily barrage of harassment and comments from male colleagues and bosses for many years. The boss allegedly wiped out the case when employees complained about sexual and derogatory comments, slurs, graffiti, and nude photos that hinted at women’s sexuality.

The proceedings are also from BNSF’s (NYSE: BRK.BThe headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, was unable to take appropriate action.

These actions violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace, EEOC said. The EEOC is seeking financial relief for women and orders banning future harassment.

Andrea G, a regional lawyer in the St. Louis area of ​​the EEOC. Baran said: office. “This kind of behavior is illegal in any industry or workplace, whether in the office, in a store, or at a depot.

In response to the proceedings, BNSF said in a statement: BNSF is obliged to provide a sexually harassment-free workplace seriously. The company’s efforts in that regard include regular training and expectations of clear behavior for all employees, multiple means used by employees to report inappropriate behavior, and alleged improper behavior. Includes swift action to prevent, deal with, and correct unpleasant behavior. “

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Federal observer sues BNSF for sexual harassment Federal observer sues BNSF for sexual harassment

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