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FedEx Tests Nuro Autonomous Delivery Vehicle

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Staten Island, NY — FedEx Corp. partnered with Nuro, one of the leading self-driving car companies in the United States, on June 15 to test the use of unmanned vehicles in multi-stop and reservation-based deliveries in Houston. Was announced.

Rebecca Yong, Vice President of Advanced Technology and Innovation at FedEx, said: “We continue to explore the use of autonomous technology within our business and are excited to work with industry leaders like Nuro.”

Delivery will be by Nuro’s R2 vehicle, the first fully self-driving unmanned delivery vehicle approved by the US Department of Transportation for regulatory approval for driving on public roads.

The R2 has many innovative features not possible with a manual vehicle.

For example, the lack of side mirrors allows for smooth, rounded contours, reduces vehicle size, and allows for additional street space for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

In addition, the lack of a windshield allows for a “pedestrian protection front end” that absorbs energy and falls inward in the event of a collision, limiting damage to what the vehicle collides with.

“Working with FedEx, the world leader in logistics, is a great opportunity to rethink every aspect of local delivery,” said Cosimo Leipold, Head of Partnerships at Nuro. “This multi-year effort will allow us to truly collaborate on Nuro’s powerful technology, bring it to more people in new ways, and ultimately reach large-scale deployments.”

The partnership with FedEx is Nuro’s first step in parcel delivery, but its self-driving cars have already been tested for other capabilities, such as pizza delivery in Houston.

In April, Domino’s Pizza, the world’s largest pizza company, launched. Autonomous pizza delivery A service that selects Houston customers through a partnership with Nuro.

“Our brand still has a lot to learn about autonomous delivery spaces. With this program, how customers react to deliveries, how they interact with robots, and how it works in stores. “We can better understand how it affects us,” said Dennis Maloney, senior vice president and chief innovation officer at Domino.

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FedEx Tests Nuro Autonomous Delivery Vehicle FedEx Tests Nuro Autonomous Delivery Vehicle

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