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Last battle for Fedor Emelianenko According to Russian MMA legend, there is one match left in Verator’s contract, and the last emperor is approaching because he wants to leave the stage as a promotion heavyweight champion.

In an interview with MMA junkie, Scott coker He admitted that he would be happy to fulfill Emerya Enco’s wishes, but there are some conditions that must be met. Coker is currently planning and in progress for a summer event in Moscow. This is a farewell to Emeria Enco’s MMA. Russian fighters insisted on a rematch with an active Verator heavyweight champion, Ryan Bader..To make that happen, Birder must defeat Emeriya Enco’s teammates. Valentin Moldavsky Their future Unified match at Bellator 273 January 29th.

Fedor himself said that if Moldavsky defeated Moldavsky, he would like to fight him next. Bellator’s president discussed the match in other possible matches at the beginning of January and made the final decision after the Bader-Moldavsky fight, both of which agreed.

Emerya Enco fought Bader at Bellator 214 in January 2019 to win the championship belt. The battle ended with a 35-second TKO for Belt and Birder, who won the World Heavyweight Grand Prix. It’s a rare case where Emerya Enco loses in a tournament format, and he seems to want a rematch. It will bring the end of the climax to his final battle, as the course of his fighting career shows that the last emperor will be successful in the second meeting.

However, as mentioned earlier, the fate of the possibility of a rematch depends on the outcome between Moldavsky and Moldavsky. However, Coker promises that even if Emeriya Enko’s disciples win, Russian legends should win an opponent that guarantees a retirement of monumental proportions.As MMA fans around the world expect, over time it will be clear if Corker is fulfilling his promise. Junior Dos Santos, Alistair Overeem, also Josh Barnett Among other recognizable names that serve as an opponent for the former PRIDE FC champion in his retirement match.

According to Coker Bellator, we’re going to do something really big in Russia. This is a true see-off for the MMA royal family.

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Fedor wants to end his career with a title fight Fedor wants to end his career with a title fight

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