Felix Silla dies, Adams family Cousin Itt and Buck Rogers Twiki were 84 years old

Stuntman and actor Felix SillaBest known for his role as Cousin Itt The addams familySadly, he died. Silla, a longtime resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, reportedly died on Friday after the fight against pancreatic cancer.The news was revealed by Gil Gerard, a co-star of the NBC series Silla. 25th Century Buck Rogers, With Twitter poster. Silla was 84 years old.

“Felix died just a few hours ago, and the only good thing I can pull out of him Passing “He’s not suffering anymore,” Gerard said. “You’ll miss him especially for the wonderful time you spent on the panel. He just told me” on my own. ” .. “

Janet Gerard, another friend of Silla’s, wrote in a tweet: Friend, he made me laugh so much, and I feel like there’s just a hole in my heart. “

Silla’s most famous role as an actor is to completely cover his face.Depiction of Cousin Itt The addams family, Silla had to wear a lengthy hairpiece with sunglasses representing his eyes. Other members of the Adams family had no trouble knowing what he was saying, but the character didn’t speak clearly at the show. Fans’ favorite characters were later played by John Franklin in the 1991 movie, and Snoopdog screamed at the restart of the animation in 2019.

“Everyone on the set smoked,” Silla said in an interview about the Cousin Itt costume. LA Times “They just dropped their hips and stepped on. The producers were worried that I would step on my smoldering cigarette and burn it. They gave me flame-retardant synthetic hair.”

The actor is also known for playing Robot Sidekick Twiki 25th Century Buck Rogers To play hang gliding ewok Star Wars Episode 6-Return of the Jedi.. Without full-body disguise, Silla could also be seen playing the villain Lithuanian on the other side of George Segal as Sam Spade Jr. Black bird, The 1975 sequel to the classic movie Malta hawk..

Silla was born on January 11, 1937 in Roccacasale, Italy. After moving to the United States in 1955, he toured with Ringling Brothers and Burnham & Bailey Circus as a trapeze artist and tumbler for several years. By the early 1960s, he began working as a stuntman in Hollywood, playing roles in various films and television shows.His feature credits include: Apse planet, Space ball,and Kentucky Fried Movie, Although he has also appeared in shows including: HR Pufnstuf And Lizville..

The death of Silla, a fan favorite at the convention, mourned fans around the world in the wake of the news. Survivors of the actor include his wife Sue, who has been married since 1965, and her children Bonnie and Michael. Our idea is with them during this difficult time. May Silla sleep peacefully.This news comes to us from Hollywood Reporter..

Felix Silla dies, Adams family Cousin Itt and Buck Rogers Twiki were 84 years old

https://movieweb.com/felix-silla-dead/ Felix Silla dies, Adams family Cousin Itt and Buck Rogers Twiki were 84 years old

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