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Teres came to play, Fernandez sent Cantona’s message, Van de Beak insisted, and United handed Sancho’s boost in Manchester United’s summary …

Alex Telles says he has moved to Manchester United to play, but praises Luke Shaw.

Teres signed Porto from Galatasaray in 2016, making two Portuguese league titles in the club and nearly 200 appearances in the Portuguese Cup, making it the second signature of United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. ..

He has performed some impressive performances for the club since he moved to Old Trafford. The Solskger finally seems to have a left back that can compete with the best players in the game.

But the show is enjoying something like a renaissance this season with the improving United team of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The solid performance of the British has invalidated the contract with Teres in the summer, and the Brazilians have played in just 45 minutes from the last six Premier League matches.

But despite being impressed by the show, Teres sent a clear warning to his new boss: “I’m ready to play,” Teres said. United website Before Sunday’s FA Cup clashes with Liverpool. “I’m very happy with Luke’s performance and his hard work.

“I came to play. And both I and Luke really grow together in both training and games. I played and did some good performances as well.

“United continues to benefit. United clubs win by getting the best players. And if necessary, I’m here, ready, focused and playing I am ready.

“And once again, Luke Shaw is really happy with his amazing performance and contributions.”

Manchester United superstar Bruno Fernandes says Donny van de Beek wouldn’t be happy.

Van der Beek has been a headline over the past few weeks as the media constantly mentions that he is not happy with the current match time he has received since moving to Old Trafford.

Holland International has scored only once in 22 appearances, most of those outings are from the bench, and his position within the team is questioned.

However, the 23-year-old got off to a rare start in a fourth round of the FA Cup clash with Liverpool on Sunday. Fernandez sympathizes with Van de Beak with a great second half free kick that sealed the home team’s victory, but he still plays an important role in the current team as the season progresses.

“We have a really good team and we have choices. Looking at today’s bench and first XI, and XI at home, we have a really good team. To change teams or have really good players. It doesn’t matter if someone is tired, “said United Talisman. MUTV.

“Donnie played a great game. He played in the position I play and saw him work really well and he played really well. That’s important to us.

“If I were in Donnie’s position, I wouldn’t be happy at all, but most importantly, he would do what he is doing today and join the team to help.”

Ryan Giggs told Bruno Fernandes that he needed major silverware to stand side by side with people like Eric Cantona at Manchester United.

Since arriving at Old Trafford from Portuguese football, Fernandez has become one of the most deadly attackers in the Premier League and is the source of true goals for United.

He draws a clear comparison with legendary figures of the past, putting him in a talented pool with something like Cantona in his role as chief playmaker, and he wins the match A free kick created another inspirational moment on his recent outing and crashed home in a 3-2 FA Cup fourth round clash with Liverpool.

Giggs said he wanted to see the Red Devils lead Fernandez over the line. Stadium astro: “Eric, he was different when he won the FA Cup in 1995-96. In big games, he is often different.

“Fernandez definitely had a big influence on United. There was a comparison with Eric and the influence he had-not just his quality, but as everyone around him is playing better. The fact that you can see.

“I know he’s the winner. When things go wrong, he’s telling other players, he goes to the referee, he’s constantly moaning and he wants to win ..

“He has been revelated since he came to United. Like all top players, he has to do it in big games and win trophies.”

Giggs added the following about the comparison with Cantona: “Of course there are similarities. Penalty kicks, scoring and assist goals, the same position.

“The results have changed since he entered the club and generally lifted the club, but Eric won three or four leagues and the FA Cup. This is the benchmark.

“It’s not easy because there are so many qualities and trophies to win. If he does that, you can talk about the likes of Cantona with him.”

Manchester United was “reliant” on the sale of Borussia Dortmund, giving Jadon Sancho a great boost.

Sancho is Manchester United’s biggest transfer destination and tried to sign a transfer deal on the line in the summer, but wasn’t ready to pay the huge asking price Borussia Dortmund put on Sancho’s head. That is a well-known fact.

Sancho, 20, stayed in Dortmund and, despite the late start of the season, has rediscovered a form that was originally attracted to Manchester United, and reports that United will finally renew their interest. There are several. Season.

According to a Sport1 report, Dortmund is “dependent” on the sale of Sancho to balance the book and accepts to leave the player if it receives the offer it is looking for.

German football expert Rafael Honigstein recently claimed that he expected nothing to happen during the current transfer, but expected Sancho’s negotiations to resume in the spring.

Honigstein told Sky Sports: “Everyone in Dortmund knows nothing will happen in January. Players aren’t upset. There is a very clear agreement that a transfer of that size in Dortmund will only happen in the summer. ..

“So if they go out and say with real confidence, no one will stop United.’Let’s make this deal now. Let’s join now.’And maybe Then announce it at the end of January. It’s essentially possible.

“We haven’t seen or heard anything suggesting that they are actually ready and ready to return to the negotiations at this time. Everyone in Dortmund wants the player to leave. I don’t think I have any illusions.

“But they think the offer and the actual negotiations are approaching spring when the club is probably in a better position to understand how much money is available for the summer transfer window.”

Here we go to the guy again!

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Fernandez Sancho Cantona and Teres appear in Manchester United summary Fernandez Sancho Cantona and Teres appear in Manchester United summary

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