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Double Formula One World Champion Fernando Alonso said Thursday that some drivers were treated differently when it came to tracking their behavior during the race.

The Spaniards told reporters at the Turkish Grand Prix that the fact that they had been asked about the incident in the previous race in Russia proved his claim.

Alonso deliberately used the run-off area in the first corner of Sochi to avoid bottlenecks and gain location with slow braking. He rejoined behind the driver who entered the corner and therefore adhered to the rules.

He said he did it just to see the question in Istanbul.

“When I do things, they have different behaviors and different influences at the next event,” Alpine drivers added.

“So now they may change the run-off area on the first lap in the first few corners.”

He behaved the same way while others did not face such questions, “I was stupid in most championships while many were overtaken from outside the asphalt in the first few races.” Said.

“And nothing happened, I didn’t have any questions in the next race, and now I have a question after Sochi, so that’s confirmation.”

Asked what that means, Alonso said it was a lot.

“Rules vary from person to person, or the next week’s discussions vary from person to person,” he explained.

“The next person across the white line in the pit entry will see what nationality he is and what penalties he will receive.”

Race director Michael Masi couldn’t get immediate comment, but the governing FIA said all rules and regulations apply equally to all drivers.

Alonso has already complained about his lack of action against others this year during the comeback season two years after F1.

“The strategy in the first race didn’t give us a solution, so we understand that the solution is to do what others are doing,” he said in Silverstone in July. Speaking at the British Grand Prix.

“We are fair to say to the referee:’Look, they are playing with both hands in the penalty area.’ But I understand that if the referee does nothing, he can also play by hand in the penalty area. So we do. “

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Fernando Alonso says “rules are different for each person” in F1 Fernando Alonso says “rules are different for each person” in F1

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