Fernando Torres’ net worth in 2020

What is Fernando Torres’ net worth?

Net worth:$ 90 million
birth:March 20, 1984
Country of origin:Spain
Source of wealth:Professional soccer player
Last updated:2020


Fernando Torres is a Spanish professional soccer player who plays as a striker for Sagan Tosu in the J1 League.

Torres made his first team debut in 2001, ending his time at the club with 75 goals in 174 league appearances.

Today he is considered one of the greatest footballers of all time.

As of 2020, Fernando Torres’ net worth is estimated at $ 90 million.

early life

Fernando Torres Sants was born on March 20, 1984 in Fuenlabrada, Madrid. Torres has been interested in football since he was a kid and joined his first team, Parque 84, at the age of five.

However, at the age of seven, he began playing regularly as a striker in the Dutch indoor league of nearby club Mario, inspired by the character of the anime Captain Tsubasa.


In 1998, he participated in the Nike Cup as a team player under the age of 15, with his team Atletico appearing as the winner of the game.

The Atletico Madrid club signed a contract with Torres in 1999, which marked the beginning of his professional football career.

In 2001, Fernando represented his country Spain and the team won the “Europe Under 16 Championship”. He was the highest scorer and was nominated as the best player. In 2003, this talented soccer player was elected captain of the Atletico Madrid Club.

The following year he was elected as a member of the national team (senior team) and scored his first goal in the Spain-Italy match.

His last-minute goal helped his team win the 2013 Premier League against Manchester City. The following year, he became a member of “AC Milan” with a two-year loan.

As of 2020, Fernando Torres has a net worth of $ 90 million.


Here are some of the best highlights of Fernando Torres’ career:

  • UEFA Team of the Year: 2008
  • Marca Leyenda Award: 2012
  • UEFA European Championship Golden Boots: 2012

Favorite quote from Fernando Torres

“Soccer is a team sport, not an individual sport. We win as a team, and if we are part of a team, every individual is better.” –Fernando Torres

“When I retire, the only thing I’m worried about is that no one can say I was a bad teammate, rude, or self-important.” –Fernando Torres

“Sometimes I want to talk to my friends at a restaurant without feeling watched. I have to go to Greenland on my holidays, but maybe Eskimos know me.” –Fernando Torres

“My head is in Liverpool and I’m helping to save our season. I’m a professional and always do business. It’s club-dependent football, but I’m thinking of leaving did not.” –Fernando Torres

“Fitness is important, but the most important thing is how you adapt and feel physically. To adapt to a new position. To try to change the game.” –Fernando Torres

“Real Madrid is like Manchester United, Liverpool, Bayern Munich. It has a lot of history and you have to play against it and win. Because you fight history, players, everything. It’s hard to play against them, but that’s why I’m always motivated. “–Fernando Torres

Three powerful lessons from Fernando Torres about letting go

Now you have a complete understanding of Fernando Torres’ net worth and how he succeeded. Let’s take a look at some of the best lessons you can learn from him:

1. Past

The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence. The past is a place to learn, not a place to live.

2. Let go

Letting go does not mean that you stop compassion. That means you stop trying to force others.

3. Win or lose

Yesterday is not about us recovering, but tomorrow is about whether we will win or lose.


Fernando Torres is one of the most popular soccer players these days, always passionate about the game and working hard every day to improve his performance.

As of 2020, Fernando Torres’ net worth is estimated at approximately $ 90 million.

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