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Ferrari has arrived Paul Ricard In the previous two rounds, he scored a back-to-back pole position and a total of 36 points.

One of the more serious declines in the order seen in one race at one time, from 5th and 7th on the grid to 11th and 16th on the finish after failing to score a single point at the French Grand Prix Followed by and left.

Ferrari’s lack of race pace was little surprise to the team, but the magnitude of their plight was clearly a surprise to them.

Even after a solid qualifying session Carlos Sainz Jnr Ferrari sports director Charles Leclerc talked about the team’s next day’s chances on Saturday night as the sport returned to a more traditional circuit following the previous two street tracks.

“We expect to suffer from this series of tracks,” admitted Mekies. “These trucks will be a big challenge for us as they are a way to further check how we correlate, how we prepare and how we understand the car.

“Speaking of weaknesses, the next big topic for us is to find the same kind of consistent pace at the top of the midfield. This was a bit more roller coaster.”

Sainz and Leclerc had a tough afternoon in France

Throughout the younger season of 2021, Ferrari has recognized a long-term race pace pattern that often fails to meet its promises in one lap. And it turns out that the French round is the most extreme example of the season so far.

“It was a trend, and I’m not going to lie, it was behind our hearts a little bit in every race,” Sainz explained. “I tend to have a little more trouble in the race than in qualifying.”

Before the race began, Sainz approached the corner of Bosset during the reconnaissance lap and locked, giving early warning about how the afternoon was destined to unfold as he slipped into the red sticky run-off strip. received.

“On the lap to the grid, the track was very, very tricky,” Sainz explained. “I actually had a little time. I almost lost my car on turn 11, so I already told me that the trucks are in a very very different state.”

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Previous rains washed away the rubber Lucas Teletrack that had accumulated when running on the newly laid surface for two days. Despite Mekies’ prediction that slightly lower track temperatures may actually benefit the SF21, it will prove not to be the case.

“Today’s track was slow and seemed to have a weak grip,” explained team principal Mattia Binotto. “Maybe it’s raining in the morning, a more eco-friendly track. So, for some reason, less grip causes more slides, and when you start sliding, you get grains.”

The course conditions were the same for all 20 cars during the race, and while tire deterioration was more severe than everyone expected, Ferrari was clearly struggling harder than the other cars.

Leclerc relied on a second pit stop on the way to the 16th

“There is a very narrow window that allowed the tires to work,” Leclerc explained.

“For some reason, it’s very difficult to always be in that particular window for them to work. And today we obviously can’t put them in that window, especially from lap five. I really struggled with the degradation. Six of all the stints struggled more than the other stints. “

Leclerc was the first field to switch to hard tires at the end of lap 15. This initially looked like an inspiring call that proved to have a very strong undercut effect, allowing teammate Sainz and Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren to jump.

However, from lap 18 to lap 53, Leclerc’s gap with Ricardo sank from an advantage of 1.878 seconds to a deficit of 44 seconds (and 10th place). 14 laps remaining.

“I knew it personally, and definitely the team knew it [the first stop] It was a fairly early stage for a one-stop strategy, “says Leclerc.

Sainz lost points on the final lap

“But with good management of those hard tires, they can still work. But like 6 or 7 laps, we were very surprised that we started struggling with it. That’s where it became increasingly clear that I would go to 2 stops. “

For Sainz, the biggest cause of slipping down the field was the fight against grain on the front tires.

“On Friday, there were long-run tire numbers that had nothing to do with the numbers we saw today,” Sainz explained.

“So what surprised me was the change in track conditions from Friday to now. In fact, on the first day I heard on the radio many other teams struggling with a completely different balance, a much lower grip. The biggest difference was that they didn’t struggle with the grains.

Tires have been an important topic of discussion throughout the weekend following a double failure in Baku, and new technical directives have been issued, raising the required minimum pressure. But Binotto believes this didn’t affect their troubles this weekend.

Carlos Sainz Jnr, Ferrari, Paul Ricard, 2021
Ferrari tire troubles are likely to recur in the rest of the race

“No, I don’t think it had any effect,” Binotto insisted. “Looking at the prescription, only the back is up, and I think we’re having problems with the front today.”

Ferrari needs to overcome the problem urgently as two races continue in Austria over the coming weekend and more front limited circuits are planned. But Binotto admits that it may not be possible to fix it completely this year.

“I think we can improve the situation, but I think we’ll need to make hardware changes, such as rims, to solve it. This isn’t possible by regulation.

“At that stage it’s more important for us to really understand and work hard for next year. In the meantime, I think this problem may reoccur in some races, but on all tracks. Rather, it has a lot to do with trucks and weather conditions.

“But we need to be prepared to face such a situation in the future, and at least since then we need to strive to mitigate the problem. [it] It will happen again this year. “

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Ferrari does not seem to be able to solve the problem of French GP tires this year ・ Race Fans Ferrari does not seem to be able to solve the problem of French GP tires this year ・ Race Fans

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