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After Sainz arrived from McLaren prior to the 2021 season, Ferrari said late last year that it would offer Spanish trucks running on some old machines to help adapt to life as a team. ..

As reported by on ThursdaySainz’s first outing in a Ferrari F1 car will take place next week when driving a 2018 spec SF71H on a private test track.

Ferrari confirmed Sainz’s plans to participate in the test on Saturday, revealing that seven drivers will participate in the five-day run.

Sainz will spend a day and a half holding the steering wheel of the Ferrari SF71H and will be out on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

Despite being run on an old machine, the test got used to Sainz’s Ferrari system and had the opportunity to work with his new race crew and engineers before starting the F1 pre-season test in Bahrain on March 12th. Give.

Sainz’s 2021 teammate Charles Leclerc will be testing on Tuesday. This indicates that Monaco drivers have returned to the cockpit after taking a positive test for COVID-19 earlier this month.

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Five drivers from the Ferrari Driver Academy will also appear in Fiorano’s run, which will be divided into Giuliano Aresi, Marcus Armstrong and Robert Shwartzman on Monday. All of these drivers raced in F2 last year.

This is the first time both Alesi and Armstrong have driven an F1 car, while Schwartzman appeared in Ferrari in a year-end test in Abu Dhabi.

Ferrari has also set aside running for F2 champion Schumacher, who will step up to F1 this year with the Haas team.

Schumacher will test the SF71H on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, and hand over the reins to Ferrari’s test driver Karam Airot on Friday afternoon.

The team has been banned from using F1 cars raced in the last two seasons for private testing, and 2018 cars will be available shortly after being used by FDA members in Fiorano last year.

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Ferrari F1 test at Fiorano includes Sainz, Mick Schumacher Ferrari F1 test at Fiorano includes Sainz, Mick Schumacher

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